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Woman alleges unfair dismissal by sales manager to stars

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A former employee of an accounting firm that has many celebrities as clients is suing the company, alleging she was fired earlier this year because she resisted pressure to do illegal work for profit client.

Nonyelum Nwasike’s allegations in Los Angeles Superior Court against Thomas St. John Group Ltd. and its owner, Thomas St. John, include wrongful termination, retaliation from whistleblowers, breach of contract, harassment and failure to prevent harassment. She seeks compensatory and punitive damages not specified in the lawsuit filed Wednesday.

A representative of the Thomas St. John group could not be reached immediately.

“This is the case of celebrity business leader Thomas St. John, who used his position of power and influence to break laws, demean women and aid in the attempt and / or filing false income tax returns with the US federal government. government on behalf of high profile celebrities, ”said the lawsuit.

Nwasike is a seasoned accounting executive who has spent two decades in leadership roles at AIG and Deloitte, the lawsuit says. But when she “refused to participate in her attempted illegal acts and also sought compensation for what was promised to her as a shareholder in the company,” St. John abruptly fired her, depending on the suit.

Additionally, Nwasike, a black woman with a career in a field dominated by white men, was the subject of humiliating comments from St. John’s about women, including how they dressed and when they were. pregnant, indicates the costume. He also shared intimate details with Nwasike about his sex life and showed him graphic photos of women on his phone, according to the costume.

Nwasike was hired in January 2018 as the Director of Tax Compliance for the Los Angeles office and was responsible for managing the tax filing process, filing federal and state tax returns, and overseeing multiple employees. , indicates the pursuit. She resigned in August 2019, but later returned as chief tax officer, a position she held until her dismissal on February 5, the lawsuit says.

Things started out well for Nwasike, but over time St. John’s became increasingly critical of him, the lawsuit says. When she complained about a client’s inappropriate language, St. John told her, “It’s okay, we’re in the entertainment business, if you can’t take that language you won’t be successful. “, depending on the costume. .

From August 2020 to January 2021, Nwasike’s relationship with St. John deteriorated, the lawsuit says.

“St John’s goal and promise to his clients was to pay less tax by whatever means possible,” the lawsuit said. “He hid facts and information and often intentionally (Nwasike) provided false information to file tax returns. On several occasions during this period, St. John ordered (Nwasike) to file false income tax returns, which she refused to do.

Last December, St. John told Nwasike, “I don’t know any other way to tell you, but there is a consensus between the board and senior management to hire a replacement. We have made an offer to your replacement and we think she will accept, ”depending on the costume.

Nwasike was “shocked by this news,” the lawsuit said.

St. John had promised Nwasike a specific salary and a stake in his company as part of his job, the lawsuit said. However, when she insisted on getting the fairness she was due and relied on to fill her position with the company, he fired her. St. John therefore refused to honor the terms of their contract, the lawsuit said.

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