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With NFL hopes gone, Colin Kaepernick announces another off-field business venture

Former Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick will release a young adult memoir shedding light on his high school journey. It would be his second book in a row after producing a children’s book, “I color myself differently.”

This new book will be released next spring as a graphic novel. It will attract a wide range of young audiences and adults at the same time. After stepping away from the NFL in 2017, the quarterback was actively embarking on his career in social activism and sharing his early life experiences with the help of media and print sources.


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Colin Kaepernick: Changing the Gamewill primarily focus on Kaepernick’s time at school and the issues he faced. As a teenager, the Nevada alum was an excellent baseball pitcher and occasionally played professional football.

However, at the end of high school, he had a decision to make about what game he should pursue in his career. Kaepernick was a talented pitcher, as he was scouted by colleges and major league baseball. His teachers, friends and family thought the sport was something he would pursue. But he was not at all interested in the game.


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The description of his new book has a specific reason for this. He quoted MLB legend Adam Jones as saying “Baseball is a white man’s sport.” According to him, pursuing football has helped him better express his culture and lifestyle in front of the people.

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This could be one of the reasons Kaepernick is making desperate attempts to get into the NFL. Football has always been something that stuck with him, leaving his baseball fantasies right in high school.

“(Baseball) would force me into spaces where I would face overt racism and have fewer cultural support resources.“Football, on the other hand, would be “give me real opportunities to fully embrace my culture, my identity and my community.” he added to his statements.


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The release of his new book was announced on Wednesday. “Many of my high school experiences helped ground my understanding of blackness, my community, and my sense of worth,” said the former Niners QB.

“High school affirmed for me that sometimes it’s only by transgressing social expectations that we are able to transform into ourselves.” he added to his statement. The book is written by Kaepernick and Eve L. Ewing.


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After launching his college career in 2007 with the Nevada Wolf Pack as a backup QB, Kaepernick racked up records for his team. He played in 11 games to finish the season with 19 passing touchdowns, three interceptions and 2,175 passing yards. With his chances of making an NFL comeback already fading, it looks like the quarterback is trying to venture into a new realm by publishing such enlightening books.

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