Business suite

What is SAP Business Suite?

SAP Business Suite is a collection of end-to-end business software applications that integrate data, processes, and functions for important areas such as finance, sales, and human resources, along with business-focused functionality. ‘industry. Business Suite is intended to help companies run their business operations more efficiently, keep costs down, and reveal new market opportunities.

Business Suite is mainly used by medium and large companies. Although it is currently widely used by SAP customers, the vendor intends to move their long-term customers to S / 4HANA and they are not offering Business Suite to new customers.

The Business Suite package

The basis of Business Suite is SAP ERP, often referred to as ERP Central Component (CEC).

ECC is generally composed of the following functional modules:

  • Financial accounting, which manages financial transactions;
  • Management control, which manages accounting and financial planning;
  • Sales and Distribution, which manages the main sales and distribution processes;
  • Materials Management, which helps companies manage purchasing and inventory;
  • Production planning, which helps companies align supply and demand;
  • Quality management, which allows companies to implement quality control;
  • Plant Maintenance, which monitors machines and factories;
  • Customer service, which helps manage business processes for external customers;
  • Project System, which helps to manage complex and large-scale projects, such as setting up a new manufacturing plant; and
  • Human Capital Management, which manages payroll and other functions overseen by HR.

Companies can choose to activate some or all of the above components, and the first two are often referred to as FICO. However, there are two mandatory technical modules of ECC that companies must implement: ABAP and SAP NetWeaver.

Since early 2013, SAP has also offered the ability to run Business Suite on HANA, the vendor’s next-generation in-memory platform, designed to enable users to perform real-time business operations and analytics. This product is sometimes referred to as a Suite on HANA. This is an option for companies that want faster processing and more flexibility, but are not ready or do not want to migrate to SAP’s latest ERP and commercial suite, S / 4HANA.

In addition to the SAP ERP foundation, Business Suite includes the following components:

  • Customer relationship management, which focuses on sales and marketing;
  • supplier relationship management, which covers the provision of payment services and collaborative services;
  • Product Lifecycle Management, which helps manage a company’s product lifecycle needs; and
  • Supply chain management, which focuses on business planning, logistics and order fulfillment.

The future of Business Suite on ECC

S / 4HANA – or Business Suite 4 SAP HANA – is written natively for HANA and is SAP’s in-memory version of the Business Suite platform. It takes advantage of the SAP Fiori user experience, as well as a number of other innovations.

The seller intends to switch their customers to S / 4HANA. Support for Business Suite on ECC is currently scheduled to end in 2025.