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US Distributor Improves Local Music Industry Business Model | Entertainment

Independent acts in the dancehall space usually have a specific season to break. In the past, there was one authentic dancehall song or artist that dominated the world charts, but lately more productions have had a chance to shine, and not just established popular artists and that’s because of streaming. and an increase in music distribution companies partnering with a large number of digital platforms.

One of these companies is MarvMent. According to Samantha Grandinetti, communications manager for the US-based music distribution company, coordinating with digital distribution services doesn’t have to be difficult and can be profitable when artists or producers find the right performance and the right one. platform to work with.

“Generally the beauty of the distribution industry is that music producers can decide which companies to work for them through trial and error,” said Grandinetti. The gleaner.

She added, “We have a world-class development team that implemented a robust backend architecture to ensure ease of delivery and a super user-friendly content management system. With this, the conversation with the stakeholders of the streaming platform is not a challenge. “

Taking all factors into consideration, MarvMent predicts that “the rise of the independent artist and dancehall can be sustained in any market in the world”.

“Good structuring of the industry and better oversight” will provide the solutions that the local music industry – especially dancehall – needs, said Grandinetti.

Founded in 2013, MarvMent’s goal has always been to make it easier to distribute music videos for independent producers and artists, and that’s what keeps them hungry in the music business today. Recently, they have added audio distribution to the services offered. Their catalog includes the works of music creators, spanning the genres of pop, hip hop, reggae, dancehall, reggaeton and modern music. It is one of the top 10 recommended content delivery partners listed on the VEVO website. It has also partnered with Spotify, Tidal, including distribution on Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, TikTok and over 150 download and streaming stores around the world.

With the exponential increase in streaming, the communications manager explained that the company that originally provided subscription video distribution has increased its resources to make the services more scalable.

Grandinetti said, “The music industry has been rocked by the effects of the pandemic, so we are offering independent producers 100% retention of their audio streaming revenue for one year; [it] is our way of helping the industry. And while the main business is distribution, and there is no direct partnership with artists at the moment, we also provide a platform where talent seekers around the world can find artists. Artists and managers can easily manage reservations.

Among the many artists whose works have been distributed through the company is Ludacris, whose song Vitamin D, with Ty Dolla Sign and Sean Kingston. Outside Jamaica, songs by General Degree, Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta, Alkaline, including Ride On Me (Remix) Now has over 48 million views on YouTube, and booming artists like Rygin King, TeeJay, Shaneil Muir and Skillibeng can be found among their distributed works.

The dancehall culture and the resulting informal economy require a different logic and approach to the e-commerce side of music, which includes “more responsibility on the part of the key players,” said Grandinetti.

After producing a song and investing thousands of dollars to mix and master it, then produce a crisp video to add visuals to it, no artist or producer wants their work to sit on their hard drive and in the cloud, or simply shared on local radio. for people to find out, they want it to be consumed in order to see the returns on their investment.

“An independent producer should look at the marketing content and get information through marketing links. Get valuable analytics for content where financial revenue reports for audio and video publishing are provided and MarvMent has these features to facilitate music publishing and content management. Certainly, once the music is in the hands of a reliable and competent distributor, it will be easily distributed on the right streaming platforms, thus giving dancehall a lasting chance, ”she said.

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