Business venture

This rapper’s latest business venture is a heavy-duty celebrity car service

Rapper Zoey Dollazreal name Elivs Millordwas inspired for his recent business venture by his desire to save the lives of public figures stemming from his near-death experience with gun violence, according to HipHopDx.

Dollaz spoke with On the radar radio and discussed starting an armored car service after falling victim to a driving shooting in 2020. He was injured outside a Miami strip club, reports HipHopDx.

“I created my bulletproof car service, the first ever, because like my peers, my rap friends, we are in danger,” the Haitian-American rapper said during his interview. He also described how assaults usually occur, especially on highways where it is possible to follow a supposed victim, for example, as in the Shot dead in 2020 of the texan rapper Mo3 and the drive-by shooting of 2021 of the Jacksonville rapper SpotemGottemreports Vibe.

“They’re waiting for us to hit the freeway and trying to spray us,” he continued. “Football players who come from the neighborhood, they have to go back to the neighborhood and see their people. We see the stories of them getting hurt and everything, so I’m like, ‘You know what? Let me create an Uber with armored vehicles. And I did this.

Dollaz explained that when he was the victim of a drive-by shooting, he drove his mother’s new Mercedes-Benz, which was not bulletproof, according to HipHopDx. Signatory Dreamchasers began promoting its fleet of rental vehicles at Miami’s Rolling Loud Weekend in July, which was a success; he sold out in a few days.

Dollaz still recognizes the silver lining of becoming a businessman that a music career has afforded him despite navigating life-threatening obstacles, reports Vibe.

“I really focus on a lot of business,” the “Blow A Check” rapper revealed. “Music is my love and I love it. It’s created a way for my family to be able to get away from the neighborhood. And my friends, I can travel the world with them, but it’s a vessel, and it’s is a door for me. And it’s just a talent that God gave me, but business is my thing.

Discover the interview with Zoey Dollaz On the radar radio below.