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Lola’s Meal Stop & Snack Shop is open seven days a week on the former Carnarvon Bowl property at the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 118 in Carnarvon. Pictured is Lori Glenn with her children Matea and Taylor. /The Vivian Collings Team

The Carnarvon family embark on a new venture

By Vivian Collings

Lola’s Meal Stop and Snack Shop is a long-awaited dream come true for Lori Glenn and her family.

The food truck opened May 6 in Carnarvon at the former Carnarvon Bowl location at the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 118.

Glenn was looking for a change of pace from his 9 to 5 office job after working in market research for many years. With their two children Matea and Taylor living at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the family decided it was the perfect time to try something new.

Longtime residents of Haliburton County knew the old bowling alley would be the perfect location when it became available for rent.

“We are doing well here. We get to know people, they get to know us, and that’s good because there’s this core aspect of just being in Carnarvon,” Glenn said.

She also said they have received a lot of support from the community and local restaurants willing to lend a hand.

“I think everyone is aware that there is room for a lot more in this city. They are really supportive. Every week it becomes more stable,” Taylor said. “It has been a busy week, and we expect to continue to be busy with the end of studies and more people coming to visit their chalets in the area. We are looking forward to this.

The only item on their menu that has been a big hit so far is the pizza.

“Pizza seems to be the thing we sell the most, it wasn’t planned, but it’s what launched our success here,” Matea said. “The big thing we wanted it to be was completely fresh, homemade food. We grew up here and nothing is ever open after 5pm so we wanted this to be a nice addition to the county.

Lola’s Meal Stop and Snack Shop also offers hand cut fries, ice cream, poutine, sausages and hot dogs.

“We are slowly adding more menu items. Another thing we’re going to have is different world barbecue flavors, burgers, baked goods, funnel cakes, and we hope to eventually start catering. We can’t wait to get them out,” Taylor said.

Their goal is to stay open during the colder seasons as long as there is customer demand.

Lola’s Escale Meals and Snack Shop is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for lunch and dinner with breakfast to follow soon. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram @lolasincarnarvon, and ask you to call 705-489-1100 ahead to order pizza.

Glenn said: “We are really happy to be here, and for years we have been looking for this property after the bowling alley fire. The community also seems very happy and we are excited to see what the future holds.