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Takeuchi Selects Wenzel as New Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Maximum Value Partners, a small business coaching practice owned and operated by Adam Sonnhalter and Jack Mencini, recently created a landscape division of its small business coaching practice. The new division will provide specific consulting services to landscaping companies in the areas of sales, marketing, operations and finance.

“The seasonal nature of a landscaping business — especially ones we’ve worked with in the greater Cleveland area — makes it rather unique compared to other trades,” said Jack Mencini, who started MVP with Adam in 2003. “A big component of coaching landscapers is teaching them how to be more operationally efficient during peak season and more productive during the ‘off season’ in winter.”

Part of MVP’s job is to recruit and train seasonal staff. Many landscapers had previously used the H-2B visa program for seasonal workers. With increased restrictions in recent years, landscapers have had to find and develop staff on a local basis, a big challenge in today’s job market.

MVP also helps landscapers develop a transparent work culture with frequent staff meetings and the sharing of business plans and goals and by making employee satisfaction an integral part of the company brand. This includes using social media pages to showcase the work of staff members.

“I guess it’s not really a coincidence that we’ve worked with so many landscapers,” Sonnhalter said. “Jack and I met when I was a caddy and he was an aspiring golfer. Over 30 years later, 20 of them as business partners, we are still drawn to manicured lawns and people who do let that happen.”

For more information on MVP’s landscape division and its other services, Click here or call (877) 849-0670. You can also get to know MVP by listening to his podcast, Dirty Secrets of Small Business, on your favorite podcast player and his website.