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Snoop Dog’s new business venture? You guessed it…Hot Dogs!

Snoop Dogg and hot dog – Getty

*Snoop Dogg in the hot dog industry sounds fun and funny, right? The prominent American rapper recently gave up dogs and got into the food industry specializing in the hot dogs. The plain truth shows that the rapper, in the urge to expand his business activities in the food industry, launched his new line of hot dogs: Snoop Dogsreports The Blast.

The launch of the Snoop Dogg line of hot dogs

Snoop’s attorneys filed for federal trademark registration in December with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the name “Snoop Doggs”. According to the legal team, Snoop intends to use the mark to sell hot dogs, different types of sausages, among other relevant food products.

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After interviewing the legal team, Billboard found that while Snoop hasn’t launched the brand yet, he’s serious about the project, which is why he intends to lock the name in. advance. According to Snoop, being a rapper isn’t exclusively about music, which explains his future hot dog business.

“Snoop Doggs” is coming to your local grocery store soon

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Snoop is linked to a range of business ventures from ‘Leafs By Snoop’, which launched in 2015 and deals with cannabis, to ‘Indoggo Gin’, a liquor line mirroring its ‘Gin and Juice’ jam. Additionally, he is also an excellent cook with an excellent cookbook, hence the many appearances on cooking shows with Martha Stewart.

Snoop swore, in 2016, vowed never to eat hot dogs again

Snoop previously expressed his contempt for the hot dog preparation procedure in 2016 on Jimmy Kimmel live. Ironically, he seems to have changed his mind and so did the Hotdogs line.