Business venture

Snoop Dogg’s new business venture is hot…Dogs!

Hot Diggity Dogg!

Snoop Dogg is to let the dogs out and enter the hot dog industry.

It’s the obstinate truth. Alright, enough with the hot dog puns!

But for real, the rapper is expanding his business into the food industry and has filed a lawsuit to trademark his own brand of hot dogs. The line is called “Snoop Doggs”.

Snoop Dogg launches his own line of hot dogs!


In December, Snoop’s attorneys filed a federal trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the term “Snoop Doggs”.

His legal team explained that he plans to use it to sell hot dogs, various types of sausages and other products.

Billboard reports, the 50-year-old’s lawyers filed it as a so-called intent-to-use application, meaning Snoop hasn’t launched a trademark yet – but has serious intent to do so and wants to lock the name ahead of time.

Snoop is a bona fide entrepreneur. The rapper does MUCH more than music and (soon) hot dogs.

“Snoop Doggs” is coming to a Deli near you!


In 2015, Snoop started a cannabis company called “Leafs By Snoop,” and in 2020, the “Gin and Juice” singer brought his lyrics to life by launching a liquor line called “Indoggo Gin.”

He also has a cookbook and has appeared on several cooking shows with Martha Stewart.

Snoop swore in 2016 that he would never eat hot dogs again

It’s ironic that Snoop would get into the hot dog business given his disdain for how they’re made. In 2016, Snoop appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for the “Howz It Mizzade with Snoop Dogg” segment.

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper gave up on eating hot dogs again after seeing how mizzade it was.

After guessing “chocolate” and “beff jerky”, Snoop came up with the correct answer, “hot dog”.

“It’s a hot dog,” said a shocked and disgusted Snoop. “Aw because I never eat fucking hot dogs! If that’s how they make hot dogs, I don’t want it. I’m doing well.”

Clearly, he has changed his mind!