Business venture

Snoop Dogg eyes new business venture with ‘Snoop Doggs’ brand of hot dogs

Snoop Dogg is arguably the most famous rapper of all time. You almost can’t go a day without hearing about Snoop or seeing him in a commercial. He even had a TV show with Martha Stewart. Now Snoop is aiming for another business venture; the hot dogs.

According to Billboard, Snoop filed a trademark application for the name “Snoop Doggs”.

“Snoop’s attorneys filed it as a so-called intent-to-use application, which means that Snoop hasn’t launched a trademark yet, but he has a serious intention of doing so,” Billboard declared. Under the company, Snoop plans to use the name to sell hot dogs and other types of sausages.

However, this is still in its infancy. The report states that Long Beach MC attorneys filed the trademark as a “so-called intended use application”, which means that Snoop did not launch a trademark to market the products, but “l ‘serious intention to do so’.

News of Snoop venturing into the hot dog industry comes six years after he vowed to never eat another hot dog again during the ‘Howz It Mizzade’ segment on Jimmy Kimmel liveSnoop Dogg watched a video and reacted to how popular food is made.

“It’s a hot dog!?” he said. “Oh, because I never eat a fucking hot dog. Ugh! Every time I see some asshole at a barbecue with a plate with a hot dog on it, I knock that shit out of his hands. is how they make hot dogs, I don’t want it,” he added. “I’m fine.”