Business suite

Simplify your social networks with the free Facebook Business Suite

As most artists selling merchandise know, Facebook and Instagram are both great marketing platforms. Still, trying to juggle multiple digital storefronts can be a challenge and is hard to follow – step into Facebook Business Suite.

Guest post by Bobby owsinski music 3.0

If you are a musician or an artist who sells products, you know how Facebook and Instagram maybe. Having said that, it’s a pain to have to post individually on both as it takes twice as long. Facebook has an app to make this job easier and it’s called the Facebook Business Suite.

Business Suite integrates all your Facebook page and Instagram profile options into one space, allowing you to post on both platforms at once. Plus, you’ll have an integrated inbox and access to Insight data from both platforms.

The app is intended for anyone or business that is not already using Facebook’s Ads Manager as it looks more like Business Suite on steroids and certainly not everyone.

To access Business Suite, log into the Facebook account associated with your company. Then, if you are eligible, you will be automatically redirected to Business Suite when you visit on your computer.

If you are already using the Pages Manager application on mobile, you will automatically see the option to activate Business Suite. If you are not currently using the Pages Manager app, you can visit the iOS or Android app stores to download the Business Suite app.

You can read more about Facebook Business Suite on the intro page or watch the short video below.