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Rural India can thrive with a cooperative business model: Amul Chief

Rural India can only progress through cooperative model, says Amul leader RS ​​Sodhi

New Delhi:

Expressing concern over the growing income disparity between urban and rural India, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) Managing Director RS Sodhi said on Wednesday that the business model of cooperatives should be strengthened for development. small farmers, workers, retailers and consumers.

GCMMF markets its milk and other dairy products under the Amul brand. It is a leading dairy player in the country.

Addressing a conference organized by the industry body CII, the Anand Institute of Rural Management (IRMA) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), Mr Sodhi said: “If India is to develop, we have to see that Bharat also develops. Bharat can only grow through cooperative way of doing business because this model takes care of little people only. »

He noted that the cooperative sector has been talking about him everywhere for a year.

Mr. Sodhi pointed out that the Prime Minister launched the slogan “Sahakar se Samriddhi”, which means prosperity through cooperatives, and also established a separate Ministry of Cooperation under the leadership of the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah.

This shows the government’s commitment to the idea of ​​prosperity through cooperatives.

“So can you ask why this sudden change and why this interest in cooperatives? India is growing. Our growth rate is much, much higher than other parts of the world. Per capita income So why? I think our decision makers and political leaders have realized that India is growing but Bharat is not growing. Income is increasing but income is going more to already rich people. It is type of growth. K. People who have wealth, they grow a lot, much faster rate. People at the bottom, their wealth decreases,” he said.

Mr. Sodhi pointed out that income disparity is increasing, especially between urban and rural India, or between India and Bharat.

Amul’s managing director said that in his view, India’s economy is based on three ‘S’s – which are small farmers, small traders and small labourers; small retailers and small intermediaries; and small consumers.

“If India is to develop, we must ensure that these three ‘S’s are involved in the development process. They share India’s wealth and prosperity. Now people have realized that only the model business that manages to take care of these ‘three S’s is a cooperative way of doing business,” Mr. Sodhi said.