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Prince Charles has just expanded his greatest passion into a new business venture the royals have never done before

Paris Hilton may have some competition in the fragrance department, especially from Prince Charles.

No, we are serious! Charles launches into the world of perfume. Recently, Charles teamed up with Penhaligon to launch a fragrance inspired by his greatest passion: gardening. The new fragrance is inspired by her private garden at Highgrove in Gloucestershire, England. With notes of cedarwood, geranium, lavender and hyacinth, this fragrance is something very dear to the royal.

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According to the gardens’ website, “Highgrove Bouquet is a new fragrance inspired by and created with HRH The Prince of Wales, in part a tribute to the beautifully fragrant summers at Highgrove Gardens…The restful and soothing base is a blend of elegance and sophistication of cedar and Orris woods.”

Predictably, this perfume costs $180 and 10% of the proceeds go to the Prince’s Foundation, but at this time the perfume is not shipping overseas.

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Although the royal family creates fragrances for the family every year, this is the first time they have created one for the public. Per Sunday Scents, the royals have traditions where they can get new scents for special occasions, and the Queen gets a new one for her birthday every year.

Now it is well known that Charles loves gardening, previously told The poet laureate went to his shed how he and his sister had a small garden and how his love for horticulture never wavered.

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Image: Crown - Credit: Crown.

Image: Crown – Credit: Crown.


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