Business model

Poundland announces a major transformation of its business model

Poundland has announced that it will finally launch an online store, meaning customers can have all their bargains delivered straight to the front door.

The news comes after Poundland acquired online discount brand Poundshop, which will be part of the wider “transformation on Poundland”.

Last year the chain, which has a store in Trowbridge, tested its online presence with a journey that saw customers from the Midlands and South Yorkshire try out the store.

Poundshop was founded in 2014 and has 400,000 annual customers across the UK with its distribution center based in the West Midlands.

Poundland acquired Poundshop. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Under the new ownership of Poundland, all Poundshop employees will remain protected and all Poundshop orders will continue to be processed.

Following the announcement of their new venture online, the ranks said they hoped the next step would see an expansion of its Pep&Co clothing and homeware beyond the UK.

The overseas expansion comes after rolling out seven new stores last year and the brands have extended their clothing partnership and frozen food range.

Barry Williams, Managing Director of Poundland, said: “It’s great to have the team warmly welcome to Poundland.

“This acquisition gives power and momentum to our aspirations to make our incredible products and value available to customers across the UK and Ireland, however they choose to shop. ”