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PM Hires Business Manager, Reflects Tax Rise Under Law 1 | Local news

KENWOOD – The Penns Manor Area School District may increase property taxes by up to 5% for 2022-2023.

That’s a question that will arise next week, when the district board of directors discusses the annual resolution of Act 1, a measure accepting the state’s index for maximum tax increases allowed without having need to submit the matter for voter approval or an exception from Pennsylvania. Department of Education.

It was also discussed on Wednesday evening after a brief special voting meeting, where two vacancies created by Joshua Muscatello’s recent departure were filled.

On a motion by Director Jody Rainey, seconded by Director Lisa Smiley, the Board of Directors voted 9-0 to hire Jennifer Sleppy as a business leader at an annual salary of $ 82,000.

Sleppy is said to take on this job upon his release from a current employer, which was not disclosed during the brief special meeting.

Then, on a proposal from Director Wendy Williams, seconded by Vice-President of the Board Jill Eckenrode, Assistant Commercial Director Nicole Peterson was appointed Secretary of the Board with an annual stipend of $ 2,500.

Peterson will serve Muscatello’s unexpired tenure as secretary of the board, which was scheduled to run from July 1 of last year to June 30, 2025, but was cut short as of October 10, 2021, when Muscatello left for begin a new job as assistant dean of operations affairs at the College of Health and Human Services at Indiana University in Pennsylvania.

The special voting session was followed by the regular monthly committee meeting, now held on the first Wednesday of each month, to discuss agenda items for that month’s regular voting meeting, which is being held. now the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m., starting next week.

Items on the agenda will include the district’s annual resolution on Act 1, which would allow a 5% property tax increase without having to obtain referendum approval or an exception from the Ministry of Pennsylvania Education.

Last year’s Act 1 index allowed Penns Manor Area to raise taxes by 4.4% or 0.648 vintage to 15.3768 mills.

“The base for this year will be 3.4%, the highest we can reach is 5%,” Peterson said.

The Education Department said the base index, based on an average of the percent increase in statewide average weekly wages and the employment cost index, is 3.4 %.

However, school districts with a Market Value to Income Assistance ratio greater than 0.4000 can use an adjusted index that has been available since September on the POE website.

As noted on this website, Penns Manor Area’s Market Value / Income Assistance Ratio is 0.7163 and its Law 1 Adjusted Maximum is 5%.

“This is not a vote to raise taxes,” Peterson said. “It just means that we will not go above that 5% threshold. “

Other issues that may appear on next week’s agenda include hiring a college women’s volleyball coach and college football head coach, as well as an assistant. pedagogical and a replacement, and the resignation of an art teacher.