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Pippa O’Connor talks about her growing family and her new business

In recent years, celebrities have become more and more attracted to the idea of ​​putting their name, by investment or creation, on different types of alcohol.

Ryan Reynolds has Aviation Gin, Kendall Jenner has 818 Tequila, Matthew McConaughey has Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon, Bruno Mars has SelvaRey Rum, Kate Hudson has King St. Vodka, Jay-Z has Armand de Brignac Champagne – the list goes on.

Now it looks like we can add an Irish name to this growing repertoire. Entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer and mum-of-three Pippa O’Connor has added istil38 Pot Still Irish Vodka to her collection of spinning plates, both investing in the brand and taking on the role of creative director.

“In terms of sales, vodka is Ireland’s biggest spirit,” says O’Connor. “With istil 38, our ambition is to show people that we have a premium Irish alternative to industrially produced multinational brands. We do this by traditional means, but our sensibilities for services are firmly in the modern age.”

As she attended the press launch, held in the beautiful setting of Hang Dai in Dublin, O’Connor said she was excited about the prospects for her latest venture and said she was proud to support an Irish product alongside industry veterans Shane Davey, John Reynolds and Niall O’Dwyer.

“I’ve been asked to participate in so many ventures over the years, but it didn’t fit or didn’t suit me,” she explains, “but when I heard what the vision was and I saw how successful they had to be, I was just really excited about it.”

As well as being drawn to the local aspect of the business, O’Connor says the beverage industry in particular brings “so many opportunities” with it.

“Obviously what I do with my other businesses [Poco by Pippa, Up Cosmetics] is quite different, but hopefully my attention to detail and my own experience can contribute to it. A feminine touch and a feminine eye is always good, especially when you want to develop a brand to appeal to a female audience.”

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Along with pursuing new ventures in business, O’Connor has also found her feet as a mother of three, having welcomed her third son, Billy, just six months ago.

“It’s been wild,” she laughs. “It’s been a very busy whirlwind but I’ve been able to do so much from home, I’m not in the office every day and I have an incredible team in place working across all aspects of the brand. I’m one person, so a big part of that is having the team.”

“I never disconnect,” she adds, “but I love it, I love being creative and thinking about what we can do next. I’m really lucky that I don’t need to sitting at a desk, so I can be on the go, picking up the boys from the pool or dropping them off at school and all those things.”

“I feel very privileged to be able to choose where I want to be and when,” she continues. “My idea of ​​balance might be someone else’s nightmare, some people might hate the headaches I get, but it works for me and it excites me. That’s what I love. love.”

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