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OPEX Fitness Adds Business Suite Features to CoachRx App

App update improves the professionalism and profitability of coaching businesses with payment, reporting, contracting, CRM and payroll functionality.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OPEX Fitness today announced the addition of a major new feature set to its premium coaching software, CoachRx. Features, neatly integrated into the app’s new Business Suite, include payments, payroll, key business health metrics, contracts and waivers, and customer management. With the launch of the Business Suite, Coaches can now grow and manage the health of their business from within the CoachRx app. These new tools help them save money by consolidating tools and time while providing customers with a more professional and polished experience.

The first major feature to help coaches streamline their activities is Payments. Through seamless integration with Stripe, one-time and subscription payments can be processed inside CoachRx by Coaches in over 47 countries.

The next major addition to CoachRx Business Suite is metrics and reports. Once a Coach has set up payments in CoachRx, they can then access a range of essential business performance metrics including gross revenue, net revenue, total subscriptions, monthly recurring revenue, average price by subscription, new customers as well as open subscriptions. and unpaid invoices. Tracking these numbers is necessary to running a successful business, and it’s no different in the fitness industry.

Contracts and Waivers, another important new addition, allows Coaches to create contract and waiver templates to send to clients during the onboarding process. Customers will then receive an email asking them to complete the contract or waiver, with a copy conveniently stored on the platform for easy record keeping. Pay is also available through CoachRx Business Suite. This allows business owners who manage a team of coaches to pay their team throughout the application, including variable commission structures and one-time payments.

The CoachRx business suite also includes features to help coaches manage their customersallowing them to manage their customer list, update billing information, and view subscriptions and billing history for each customer.

“Ultimately, our rollout of these features in the Business Suite is intended to help increase the value of fitness trainers everywhere,” says Carl HardwickCEO, OPEX Fitness,” which is a central tenet of our philosophy. We believe that fitness trainers are integral pillars in their communities, and should be seen and compensated as such. As we work to change the image of fitness professionals, this step of building a robust Business Suite in our app is an effort to help them prepare for taking regular vacations, buying a home, saving for retirement, and everything else anyone In Countless Other Careers Awaits Of course, there’s no silver bullet, but we believe this is a major step in helping fitness trainers flourish.

All existing CoachRx users have immediate access to all of the app’s Business Suite features. With all of these new features in the palm of their hands, OPEX Fitness allows trainers to streamline their business systems by overriding other payment providers, payroll services, contract systems, and even CRM. CoachRx is not just a coaching platform. It’s a combination of all the tools trainers need to care for both the fitness of their clients and the health of their businesses.

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