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One of Nick Morris’s earliest memories of the pride he felt in doing a good job played a part in making his dream of owning his own business a reality.

Morris has a degree in Occupational Safety and Health and this is where his career path began. From there he moved on to Commercial Insurance at Peel & Holland and then to a position at Paducah Bank.

“These are two amazing places to work. Even working there and working for someone else, I still had a desire to own my own business and do my own thing, ”he said.

At the request of a friend who knew his desire, Morris met with a representative from Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a Florida-based franchise, about a business opportunity.

“The more we talked about it, the more it suited my preferences and it was something I saw myself doing, so I took the risk, and here we are.”

And from there, Nick and his wife, Morgan, started Paducah-Murray’s Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, an independent franchise.

“It might sound strange, but one of the most important things about this decision is that I always take pride in doing a good job and honestly being neat and tidy and clean,” he said.

He thanks his parents, an aunt and an uncle for helping instill in him this pride and his experience in cleaning a workshop that his father and uncle operated.

“They built houses and you can imagine there is sawdust everywhere. I would go into that store and sweep everything, clean up and that feeling of accomplishment of a job well done, that was one of my first memories that kept coming back to me, ”Morris said.

Those memories “kept coming back (as he considered the move) and it just seemed like a really good fit.” “

The franchise, with a large service area throughout Western Kentucky, offers a wide range of cleaning and commercial cleaning services for commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities. It also offers specialized services, including soil restoration, disinfection, disinfection and electrostatic spray treatments.

“The cleaning industry has exploded since COVID. Now, a lot of the companies we’ve seen have backed down, letting their employees work from home, etc., but many have done the opposite. They said ‘we’re going to keep working, but we’re going to do a good job of cleaning up,’ ”he said.

Morris sees his new business as a way for business owners to focus on what they do best and not have to worry about cleaning.

“Taking the time to hire someone, train them or retrain them because everyone is struggling with employment issues right now, they find it much more profitable to hire that than to do it themselves. “

Morris said the response from customers so far has been positive. Its goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience and establish a culture within the company that employees can be proud of.

While he’s only been in business for about a month so far, Morris is optimistic about the future.

“There are a lot of opportunities there. I think things will definitely change over the next 5-10 years. You have more people working remotely, and retail itself is evolving and turning to more things online, ”he said.

“But I really think there is still a huge need for this.”

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Follow David Zoeller on Twitter, @DZoeller_The Sun