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Mike Lindell Announces New Business Venture MyCoffee

Mike Lindell has announced his next big business venture. After focusing on sleep with its MyPillow products which recently suffered a critical hit after being dumped by Walmart, Lindell has moved to the other side of the spectrum and will now help people wake up with it, you got it. guessed it, MyCoffee.

Lindell announced his new business venture during a recent appearance on the Right Side Broadcasting Network, and judging by his incoherent, Trump-style rants, it sure seemed like Lindell had jumped on his own product. After bragging My coffee and claiming “there’s no such thing”, even the RSBN reporter couldn’t help but notice that it all looks like Colombian coffee, which it certainly is something like.

Going through Ron Filipkowski on Twitter:

“Actually, I’m going to Miami for three days to shoot. We have MyCoffee. It’s a family cafe. This is the best coffee you will ever drink in your life. There is no such thing. Believe me. Everything I put out there, I do my due diligence. [unintelligible] for six months. These guys have their own fields in Colombia. Family business, they have been doing it for years. [unintelligible rambling about grinding your own beans] But having that, getting it for the prizes, because that’s what I do. Bring you the best.

As Lindell recently revealed, his MyPillow empire took a major hit after Walmart pulled the products from its stores and website. Lindell calculated the loss at $100 million as he openly claimed that Walmart executives were ignoring his pleas. Obviously, using his Frank TV network to blow up the retail giant didn’t help the situation as Lindell turned to selling the best coffee you’ll ever have in your life. The guy being sued for claiming the 2020 election was stolen would never cheat on you.

(Going through Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)