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Michigan Central is building a $500,000 business venture in Detroit neighborhoods

Some businesses in the Detroit neighborhood will see their funding increased, $500,000 to be exact from Michigan’s Central Station, FOX 2 News reported.

Michigan Central serves as an open platform for partnerships, bringing together innovators, well-known brands, educators, policymakers, foundations, and investors in a unique urban ecosystem to co-create mobility solutions that can help make the world more accessible to all. Michigan Central is a mobility neighborhood located in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood.

New $500,000 fund will help neighborhood businesses in and around the region to help increase education, training and a sense of entrepreneurship among owners and workers, according to the article.

The financial commitment will help about 25 nearby businesses that are creating the nascent innovation district that is growing around the old Detroit train station, according to the article.

“Because Michigan Central is an open platform for partnering, we wanted to include nonprofit partners who could help us bring meaningful community engagement through this program,” said Clarinda Barnett-Harrison, Community Impact Manager. with Michigan Central in the article. “We believe this could bring big changes such as new jobs, additional locations and expanded footprints, or even new or improved e-commerce operations for participating businesses.”

The funds will go to a business academy that “will feature a series of menu-style courses in business development and online business education,” according to a Wednesday press release. Participants could also select courses suited to their business goals and plans, the article adds.

Funding applications are available here.

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