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Meghan Markle’s Secret Business She Never Talks About

Melanie Macleod

Meghan Markle devotes himself to his wellness routine, taking a selection of supplements to support his physical and mental health.

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In fact, the Duchess of Sussex believes so much in the power of supplements that she invested in a brand of plant-based latte. Clevr Blends in 2020. Clevr Blends calls itself a “personal care company” and sells mushroom-based powders that you make coffee and smoothies from for a daily health boost.

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The supplements Meghan has invested in are coffee powders that combine medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and probiotics, including Lion’s Mane and reishi, both of which make pretty serious health claims.

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Meghan even shot Oprah on mushroom supplements, sending the presenter a package at Christmas, prompting Oprah to call the powders her “new drink of choice for morning and evening”.

Oprah is a fan of Meghan Markle’s mushroom supplements

What are the benefits of Meghan Markle’s mushroom supplements?

“Lion’s Mane has incredible benefits for the nervous system,” says Clarissa Berry, nutritionist for Dirtea, a range of mushroom-based powders. “It can boost mental performance, memory and concentration, making it a wonderful addition to your morning routine.

Meghan Markle still looks glowing and healthy

“Lion’s Mane is also a mood balancer, it reduces inflammation and promotes healthy digestion, while reducing stress and anxiety,” Clarissa adds.

Reishi performs just as well, with Clarissa explaining that it’s considered one of the best supplements for stress and anxiety.

“Reishi has a calming effect on the nervous system, stimulating the brain to produce calming neurotransmitters, and studies have shown it relieves symptoms of anxiety,” she says.

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“It can also balance hormones, which are known to have a direct impact on mood,” Clarissa adds. She also explains that reishi mushrooms can improve the quality and duration of sleep, as well as support immunity and help against hay fever, thanks to a natural antihistamine action.

The best news? Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements work immediately, decreasing inflammation and immediately improving mental performance.

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Other benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, may take a few weeks to kick in, so Clarissa recommends taking mushroom supplements for up to four weeks for noticeable results.

Try Meghan Markle’s Mushroom Supplements

PureSport Mind & Body Mushroom Blend Nootropic Capsules, £30 for 60 capsules, PureSport


Dirtea Reishi Mushroom Powder, £34.95/$37 for 30 servings, Harvey Nichols


The NueCo NootroFocus, £65 for 60 caps, Cult Beauty


Dirtea Mushroom Super Coffee Mix, £40, Planet Organic


Clevr Blends Coffee SuperLatte, $28, Clevr Blends


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