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McDonald’s employee trades Big Macs for classroom at new venture

Southampton businessman trades McDonald’s career for new education venture

A MCDONALD’S employee ditched Big Macs and McFlurry’s for a career in the classroom.

Southampton businessman Adie Twining has swapped his corporate career at McDonald’s to start a new venture with home and online tutoring company Tutor Doctor.

After graduating with a business degree from the University of Southampton, Adie started working for the fast-food giant and rose through the corporate ranks to become a franchise manager.

Adie Twining, founder of Tutor Doctor in Southampton and Salisbury

Adie Twining, founder of Tutor Doctor in Southampton and Salisbury

Adie Twining, founder of Tutor Doctor in Southampton and Salisbury

It wasn’t until the pandemic hit, coupled with his family commitments, that he left his corporate life of 28 years to run his own business.

Mr Twining said: “Working in the community means the world to me. Having moved to Southampton from Cornwall, I feel my 30 year old roots are here.

“I have a lot of love and pride for the region, and it feels good to make a difference for local students. I have already been able to help so many local families and children.

“Schools are doing a great job, but with the loss of learning due to the pandemic, they are under pressure, and we can help support students, families and schools with this catch-up. As a local resident, this means a lot to me.”

Tutor Doctor was born out of Adie’s desire to improve the lives of young people and to stay involved and raise money for the Simon Says and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Nine months after launching her business, Adie is now working with many families in Southampton and further afield in Salisbury.

He said: “We have worked hard to attract an exceptional group of tutors. They share our vision and are fully committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for young people whose parents entrust us with their education.

“The education sector and our customers have welcomed me with open arms, and I’m so glad I took the step when I did.

“I’m really excited about my future and being able to empower as many students as possible to reach their full potential – being able to equip them with all the tools they need to succeed in school, work and in life is how I will measure the success of my business.”

Adie would like to expand to other cities and towns over the next five years and hopes his wife will join the business.