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MAFS Grooms Brent Vitiello & Al Perkins Ditch Joint Venture

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Legitimately one of the only successful (and likable) couples to come MAFS 2022 were best friends Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins.

But it looks like even their bromance didn’t go as well as we’d hoped.

After the show ended, the guys signed with a management company THE.mgmt and launched a joint podcast and Instagram page called The life of Brent and Al.

But the two guys recently removed the poddy from their respective bios on their personal accounts and fans have noticed that they haven’t been spending much time together lately.

The guys have now confirmed that they burned down their joint venture. Not only that, but Brent left the management company while Al stayed on.

Speaking to Yahoo! Australia, Brent revealed their poddy “is on hold until we find out what we can do [together] contractually, which is why we have not published.

He added that “their management company’s views didn’t match mine and we wanted different things. This created tension and I wanted to go out alone.

“[Management] and I saw things differently and had different views on where I wanted to go,” Brent said. So dramatic!.

“Things weren’t right. I am now a free agent and still going strong.

Despite all the hype, Brent insisted they were still good friends, which is a big relief.

“Contractually, Al cannot be involved in Brent and Al (for now) but we are still godfather and godchild,” Brent added.

Well that’s good at least. I can’t have another beloved MAFS relationship that goes down the toot!

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