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Longtime Friends Join Forces in Business Venture | New

LUCI WELDON/The Warren File

Brittany Felts, left, handles the design and product aspects of BMF Creations, LLC, while best friend Danielle Edgerton handles the company’s website.

Warren County natives Brittany Felts and Danielle Edgerton officially formed BMF Creations, LLC in June to offer customizable shirts, decals, tumblers and other products.

Although BMF Creations is new, it reflects a long-standing friendship and love of craftsmanship, as well as a long-held dream of entrepreneurship.

Cousins ​​Felts and Edgerton became best friends early in life. Felts graduated from Warren County High School and studied business at Vance-Granville Community College. Edgerton graduated from Warren New Tech High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from East Carolina University.

Both have always loved craftsmanship. Edgerton’s interests lie in jewelry and design.

Felts discovered his specialty after receiving an electronic cutting machine as a Christmas present. She loved the art classes she took during her four years of high school, but having the machine allowed her to explore other ways to use her creative talents.

Computer software allowed Felts to design decals of any description and color. After creating a design through computer software, the machine would cut the design onto a material, such as vinyl. The custom decal could then be applied to a product, such as a tumbler, for a personalized piece of art.



What started as a hobby has continued to grow. Felts knew she wanted to start a business, but she struggled to come up with a catchy name. A friend suggested that she use her signature, her initials from BMF. Felts thought about what her mother had taught her – you have to defend your name – and her friend’s idea seemed perfect.

Edgerton has no problem with his initials not being included in the company name.

“All the trickery is Breton. I’m behind the scenes,” she said.

Felts regards his work as his calling and has adopted the business motto “Handmade for your happiness”.

BMF Creations offers personalized products that include shirts, keychains, mugs, water bottles, tumblers, cake toppers, door hangers, large welcome signs and other items, including including woodwork.

“Everything is unique,” ​​Edgerton said. “It fits the customer. Everything happens with 100% love and dedication to make the customer happy.

Customers generally contact BMF Creations via social networks, SMS or phone call. Felts asks them to be as specific as possible in describing what they need. An inspiration image is helpful. If customers would like a logo, Felts asks for ideas to be provided.

She gave the example of a client who would like a door hanger with the word “blessed”, but doesn’t know what font to use. Felts said it would provide sample fonts to the client.

“I involve the customer every step of the way,” she said.

A storefront where orders can be placed is offered on the Company’s website at

In addition to personalized products, BMF Creations also offers small-scale occasion planning by providing table decorations, linens and balloon arches. So far, the company has held two baby showers and a graduation party.

Felts and Edgerton are grateful for the support of family, friends and the community as they continue to grow their business.

With her creativity and the help of her best friend, Felts achieved her goal of running her own business. Edgerton is proud of what her best friend has accomplished.

“We may be small, but we produce a lot,” Edgerton said.

BMF Creations, LLC can be reached at 252-430-4210, on social media and at