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Leah Messer launches new business venture

Leah Messer starred in teen mom 2 for years. Messer, who debuted on MTV 16 and pregnant, is said to be creating his next business ventures outside of the realm of reality television. According to The sunshe plans to start a health coaching business and a wellness podcast.

Messer has yet to release details of his upcoming business ventures. Corn, The sun obtained information on how teen mom star would be setting everything up. The publication reports that she filed a trademark for Go Higher With Purpose on January 20, 2021. About a month before filing that trademark, she filed for a business license in West Virginia for Leah Messer, LLC. Messer’s trademark noted that Go Higher With Purpose’s services include: “personal coaching services in the area of ​​healthy living and health education, topics of interest to women, empowerment, lifestyle, well-being, personal development, entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency”.

In addition to these services, Messer’s new venture aims to provide training courses through “non-downloadable online video and audio recordings and instructor support.” Messer’s Go Higher With Purpose plan will also include a blog, website and podcast. As for the topics she will cover, they will focus on “self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability and survival training” and topics on healthy lifestyles. In case all of that isn’t enough, Messer also aims to provide “real estate brokerage” services under its brand. She would be getting her real estate license right now.

Messer’s new business ventures come as she deals with her own serious medical condition. At teen mom 2, Messer explained that she found a lump in her breast which, understandably, worried her. She quickly had it checked out and her doctors told her it was a benign tumor. They said she should monitor the situation for the foreseeable future and may need to undergo surgery to have it removed. During an interview with ahead of the final season, Messer opened up about chronicling his health journey on the show.

The reality star explained that it was difficult to open up about the subject of the show. However, she was determined to do so in order to provide an “educational message” to viewers. She also said that when it came to talking about the situation with her three daughters (11-year-old twins Aleeah ​​and Aliannah, and 8-year-old Adalynn) she wanted to be as candid as possible. Messer added, “I just communicated openly with them what was going on – not to scare them, but to let them know that it’s okay and it’s going to be okay.” Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.