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Krishify Business Suite, a SaaS product enabling agribusinesses to engage with farmers; Here is everything you need to know

Krishify, a local agritech company, has launched a SaaS tool named Krishify Business Suite, which will help businesses connect, engage and deal effectively with farmers.
Businesses can use the tool to increase their share of voice on the platform and build brand awareness and loyalty by launching advertising and marketing campaigns. Plus, think of the tool as a data hub for companies to discover farmers across the country and get granular insights into farmer demographics. The tool also allows companies to manage incoming requests from farmers based on an application form that can be published along with Krishify app content.
Krishify App is a social networking and commerce platform for farmers which has become the largest online community of farmers in India.

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When it comes to rural marketing, especially in the agriculture sector, traditional marketing approaches have low return on investment and lead to serious data loss. Moreover, there is a huge gap between agricultural traders and farmers. Krishify connects over 9 million farmers and uses advanced technology to facilitate targeting. The greatest value is offered in the form of “cost effectiveness and scalability for large enterprises and small businesses in the agricultural sector, such as SMEs”.

“After strengthening the Krishify app, we realized that there was a huge gap when it came to branding opportunities for businesses in rural India. The Business Suite was developed to fill this gap with a vision aimed at making rural marketing easy and transparent – ​​Rajesh Ranjan, CEO, Krishify.

For small agribusinesses, SMEs and corporates, Krishify Business Suite enables scalability by offering them the ability to target a particular cohort of farmers across India, with the aim of advertising their product range . To enhance end-to-end communication between a farmer and a business, Krishify Business Suite also provides smart communication tools such as SMS, WhatsApp and OBD calls, as well as Krishify Chat – a window to chat directly with farmers and farmers. keep closer. to its brand.

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Companies that operate in rural India or across the agricultural value chain such as agricultural inputs, fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, agricultural machinery, equipment, agrochemicals, etc. can leverage Krishify Business Suite to establish a strong presence on the Krishify app and target a community of engaged farmers.