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Kim Kardashian’s latest business venture is already facing major backlash

Kim Kardashian is once again expanding its brand, but the name of this new addition raises eyebrows. Kardashian recently unveiled her new line of skincare products, which join her makeup, shapewear and fragrance brands. There’s been some uproar around the expansion since its name is so similar to two other notable skincare brands that were created before Kardashian’s latest venture burst onto the scene.

Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line under fire

Businesswoman and reality TV star Kim Kardashian is looking to take on the skincare industry, but the mother-of-four already seems to be making enemies among other major skincare brands. Kardashian named her skincare line SKKN, with the double K no doubt for her name.

It’s pretty clever because it alludes to both its founder and what the products are for: your skin. It also neatly avoids Kardashian’s past pitfalls when it came to naming her latest brand ventures. The Kardashians The star had previously come under fire for initially naming her shapewear brand Kimono, which critics say was cultural appropriation, a frequent criticism of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

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Kardashian previously accused of cultural appropriation

She was also criticized for trying to trademark the name, as it is specifically a Japanese word commonly used around the world to refer to a very specific type of dress. Kardashian eventually gave in to the pressure and renamed the shapewear brand SKIMS. This conflict seems very fresh in our minds amid this latest round of backlash, which pits Kardashian against model and influencer Lori Harvey.

Harvey, the daughter of talk show and radio legend Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie, also recently launched a skincare line, although hers debuted in October 2021 while that by Kardashian will be released later this month on June 21st. The name of Harvey’s line? SKN by LH.

Kardashian accused of copying Lori Harvey

Fans of the two famous women have spoken of the similarity between the names, though fans of Harvey are much more vocal. It makes sense because they think Harvey was the injured party.

Kardashian had her defenders, although they were far fewer. The best argument against the imitation charges is also the simplest: while the names are undeniably similar, there are stylistic differences that make the copyright infringement claims quite weak.

Inside Kardashian’s SKKN Product Line

It’s hard not to notice the similarities between the names, even though there are enough differences between the packaging and the products in the range to tell them apart at a glance.

Kardashian’s SKKN line includes nine products, including a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C serum, eye cream, oil drops, night oil and face cream. The packaging is reminiscent of her perfume bottles, which were molded from Kardashian’s body, thanks to its gray, beige (greige) color and almost stone-like texture.

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Learn more about Harvey’s SKN by the LH brand

Harvey’s products, on the other hand, come from a much smaller five-part system. It also includes skincare staples like a cleanser, toner, eye cream, face cream, and vitamin C serum. Its products come in robin’s egg blue plastic packaging. There is also a marked difference in the prices of the two product lines.

Harvey’s SKN by LH brand is by far the cheapest option, even taking into account that it offers fewer products. Purchasing its entire product line would cost $195, with prices ranging from $38 to $50 for individual items.

Kardashian’s SKKN set will cost you more than double at $575. Prices for individual products are also higher, with the cheapest product reaching $43 and capping out at $95 for the most expensive. Kardashian’s line offers refills after the initial purchase for a slightly lower cost, but that’s only about $14 in savings for higher-priced items like oil drops or nighttime oil. .

Given that Kim Kardashian’s skincare line will drop in just over seven days, it’s more than unlikely that she’ll change her name. There are also more than enough differences between the two brands of Kardashian and Lori Harvey that the names won’t cause consumers too much confusion. Both product lines look amazing, and we’d like to try one or the other to see which works best.