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Jergens appoints new international chief product and business officer

Scott Halfhill joins Jergens Inc. to lead international product and business management. Photo credit: Jergens

Jergens has named Scott Halfhill as Global Product and Business Director. He was preceded in the role by Mark Kubik, who retired this year. Halfhill brings over 20 years of manufacturing leadership and business development experience, including extensive work within the automotive industry.

Halfhill will provide direction for international sales growth strategies and support for sales and training at all Jergens wholly-owned facilities globally, according to the company. In addition, he will continue to develop the company’s network of distributors.

Jergens says Halfhill used Six Sigma and lean methodologies to improve process control and design, operational efficiency and business unit performance. He is an executive leadership trainer and promoter of strategic change management with experience in national and international business.

“Scott is a really capable person, with an organizational mind and a passion for process-driven results, plus he’s a really likeable guy, so we see him thriving at Jergens,” said Matt Schron, CEO of Jergens.