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JD Mourns Loss of Business Leader – Eagle News Online

JAMESVILLE-DEWITT SCHOOL DISTRICT – At its final meeting of the school year, the Jamesville-DeWitt School Board announced to those present in person and listening to Zoom that the district’s business administrator, Timothy Decker, has passed away.

Decker, who was 54, had served in that role for JD since 2009. His death on June 3 stemmed from the rare and fatal Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which he was recently diagnosed with according to a letter Superintendent Peter Smith sent to staff at the district.

“Tim was a colleague but also a close personal friend,” Smith said at the June 13 board meeting. “I will miss him terribly.”

Calling him a “confidant”, Smith said he appreciated Decker’s intelligence and his “odd” but “awesome” sense of humor. The superintendent’s earlier letter also recalled the Liverpool resident’s love of professional baseball and hockey and that he was ‘incredibly proud’ of his wife and their three children.

While in the district, Decker oversaw renovations to the high school auditorium, the installation of new roofs for each of the school buildings, and capital projects currently underway for the high school and middle school. He also covered all aspects of finance, including assembling the annual operating budgets that were approved each year of his tenure.

Additionally, Decker was a leader in non-teaching district operations in the areas of maintenance work, catering, maintenance, mechanics, and transportation.

JD has approved an interim business manager, Peter Mahunik, who recently retired from the same role at Fabius-Pompey. He will begin work in July, and the district will “immediately” begin the process of finding a permanent replacement.