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IUP student balance school, double company | Culture

From schoolwork to sports, hobbies, and other extracurricular activities, students have a lot to do to get started.

Despite busy schedules, some talented people discover a passion to pursue a side business.

IUP student Dionna Herrington started a business open to providing eyelash services to clients. In addition to that, she also conducts business by selling self-defense materials.

Herrington, tasked with running not just one, but two businesses, finds herself having to manage her time wisely between school and running her own business.

“It’s very difficult and can be super overwhelming at times,” Herrington said. “However, knowing that all of my services are keeping the girls pretty and protected keeps me going and makes me feel like it’s worth it.”

Often the desire to start a side business as a student may be to earn extra money or simply to share your talents with others. In Herrington’s cases, his inspiration to start his business occurred on a more personal level.

“What inspired me to get into self defense gear was my previous relationship. It was very unhealthy and I found myself constantly wanting to feel safe without intimidating the people around me” , Herrington said.

“I made one for me and a young girl from North Philadelphia. The next day she texted me that I will never forget. She told me someone was following her and tried to “entering her house behind her and that she was able to get out of this situation completely unscathed. That was all I needed to hear, and I started making it for all the girls,” said Herrington.

Along with starting a new business, especially as a student, stress levels can reach an all-time high.

“To keep my stress down, I pray a lot,” Herrington said. “I know that God is what makes all things possible.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’m not performing well enough or not being consistent, but God puts me in situations where I have to pause everything I’m doing and focus on myself. He doesn’t There won’t be a mark if I’m not good enough and focused enough to direct it.

Having a positive attitude and a focused mindset, exemplified amply by Herrington, is what can lead to success and prosperity for your business for years to come.

Support is a major factor as a new business owner. In most cases, whether it’s emotional or physical support, finding people who can support you and keep you level headed is key.

“I find my support from my mother and my sisters,” Herrington said. “I am a very generational child for several things. My businesses and completing my college education is something I will be the first in my family to do.

“Sometimes the pressure gets heavy, but they’re always there to remind me that they’re proud of how far I’ve come and no matter what happens or what decisions I may make. They have my back,” Herrington said.

There are certainly a variety of reasons a person might open and start running their own business. Herrington’s purpose, to genuinely help people, deserves the utmost respect, as his selfless actions help keep our community safe.