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Isabel Roloff Reveals New Business Venture After Art Shop Closes

LPBW Star Isabel Roloff has a new business after closing her art shop. What is she doing to provide income for the family now? Read on for all the details.

Why LPBW a couple refuses to show the face of their newborn son

Before Isabel and Jacob Roloff’s first child was born, they warned their social media followers that they wouldn’t share the baby’s face. Although Isabel documented many aspects of her pregnancy with the world, they decided to share too much.

Isabel Roloff/Credit: Jacob Roloff Instagram

The couple cited privacy as a reason not to blast baby Mateo’s face on social media. And so far, they have kept that promise. However, they share vague photos of their son.

Isabel Roloff has a new business

Although she doesn’t show Mateo’s face, Isabel Roloff is very active on her Instagram. She uses the platform to connect with followers, as well as to promote her new business.

She took to Instagram earlier this week to let fans know she had more openings for consultations for the month of March. Consulting in what?

Jacob Roloff’s wife got into interior design. However, his designs are based on the Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

Consultations are done virtually. The interior design business isn’t Roloff’s first online venture.

Credit: Isabel Roloff Instagram

What happened to his art shop?

Interior design is just Isabel Roloff’s latest business move. She is also a writer and poet, previously selling postcards with poems on them. She was also working on a poetry book, which she put on hiatus during her pregnancy.

The multi-talented reality TV star is also an artist and singer.

In fact, Jacob and Isabel Roloff have their own creative company, Rock & Roloff. She previously had her own art shop on the company’s website. However, the art shop’s Instagram now says it’s closed until further notice.

The art shop’s closure is likely due to the same reason her poetry book is on hold – it’s focused on raising baby Mateo.

However, her new interior design business has more flexibility than her previous ventures. Click here for more information on Isabel Roloff Interiors.

Have you booked a Feng Shui consultation with Isabel Roloff? Share your experience in the comments below.

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