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Global Retail 2.0 Market Analysis 2020-2030 – Transformative Shifts, Changing Business Model, and Critical Growth Opportunities –

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This study explores Retail 2.0 for the period 2020 to 2030, offering insights into market metrics, drivers and restraints, major transformational changes, changing business model, and critical growth opportunities.

Retail is undergoing a major transformation as trends converge to create new opportunities for the industry. Specifically, the rise of Generations Y and Z, the digitalization of retail and the next post-COVID-19 economy will force retailers to rethink their strategies and embrace a more omnichannel and frictionless retail model.

The rapid adoption of technology by consumers has completely changed shopping behavior, from physical shoppers in department stores to primarily mobile social media shoppers. This fundamental shift in consumer behavior has forced retailers to move more aggressively from physical to digital channels, thus accelerating the advent of new business models.

The publisher expects retail to continue on this evolutionary path, incorporating emerging brick-and-click business models such as pop-up stores, virtual stores, interactive kiosks and online hypermarkets. Retail will become entirely self-service, frictionless and ubiquitous as businesses introduce more digital touchpoints for consumers.

The technology will support customers throughout the buying process: making a buying decision (advanced customer analysis), finding the right store (location intelligence), discovering products (digital reality) and paying for the chosen items (by example, mPayments, NFC, digital wallets).

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperative

  • Why is growth getting harder and harder to achieve?

  • The strategic imperative

  • Our Mega Trend universe – Overview

  • Growth opportunities fuel the engine of the growth pipeline

2. Executive dashboard

  • Main conclusions

  • Critical growth opportunities

3. Market measures

  • Online Retail Market by Key Countries – B2C

  • Online Retail Market by Key Countries – B2B

  • B2C e-commerce products

  • Online retail market by product – B2B

  • Key changes in retail

  • Retail 2.0 – Key Trend Levers

  • Retail 2.0 – Main transformational changes

  • Bricks and Clicks – New store formats are emerging

  • Bricks and Clicks – Future Store Experience

  • Bricks and Clicks – Pop-ups redefine the little box

  • Cross-Border Retail – Next Wave of Ecommerce Opportunities

  • Cross-Border Retail – Distributors Move Into Digital Markets

  • Changing Customer Expectations – Generational Influence

  • Changing Customer Expectations – Gender Influence

  • New technology – AR / VR

  • New technology – Voice commerce

  • Retail Supply Chain Innovation – New Models of Retail Execution

4. Evolution of the business model

  • The rise of customer-centric competitors in retail

  • Emerging customer journey

  • Personalization – One size doesn’t fit all anymore

  • Online wholesale – From b2b to b2b2c

  • D2C – Compression of value chains

  • Social commerce – New digital portal

5. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – Simplifying Ecommerce Services

  • Growth opportunity 2 – Ambient trade

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Retail Cybersecurity

6. Conclusion

  • Critical Success Factors for Growth

  • The last word

7. Next steps

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