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Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market Report 2022-2027: Analysis by Business Model, Platform Type, Deployment Type, Service Type and Verticals –

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The overall global market is expected to reach $23.6 billion by 2027.

This Cloud Services Brokerage Market report provides an assessment of the CSB market, including segment definition, advantages/disadvantages, enabling technologies, business models, and assessment of key industry players.

The report assesses the market by platform type, deployment type, and industry vertical penetration. It assesses the fundamentals of cloud services brokerage model along with its potential benefits, enabling technologies, business models, key industry players and future market outlook to 2027.

Cloud services have already caused a major technology transformation and shift in business operations focus that has affected everything from ERP to data center planning. One of the crucial aspects of the next phases of the evolution of cloud services will be the extent to which different players can manage the anticipated scope of many supplier/customer relationships and the associated magnitude of data exchanges and transactions.

The industry has evolved from in-app authorization to standard interfaces/procedures to centralized abstraction and now to Cloud Service Brokers (CSBs). The core functions of the CSB are to aggregate, simplify, secure and integrate data, communications and commerce between providers. These functions are often referred to as cloud intermediation services and include both the mediation of technical and business processes on a cloud-to-cloud basis.

We see AI technologies performing assigned network tasks and dynamic machine learning-based operations without interrupting the user experience. Users can access networks through virtual applications, regardless of the devices they use, which helps manage network configuration and other functions. The CSB model transforms network management functions into intelligent and responsive automation and optimization procedures.

Select report results:

  • North America will dominate the global market till 2027

  • Telecommunications and IT industry will hold the highest market share

  • SaaS Business Model Will Achieve Largest Market Share

Main topics covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Presentation

2.1 The cloud services brokerage function

2.1.1 CSB functions

2.1.2 CSB Benefits

2.2 Architecture of the CSB system

2.3 Growth Drivers Analysis

2.3.1 Ease of use

2.3.2 Find new services

2.3.3 Comparative purchases

2.3.4 Cloud barter

2.3.5 Easy to understand SLA

2.3.6 Brokerage

2.3.7 Simplified deployment

2.3.8 Better interface

2.3.9 Lower cost

2.3.10 Support and troubleshooting

2.4 Market Challenges Analysis

2.4.1 Interoperability

2.4.2 Automation

2.4.3 Market

2.4.4 Commodification

2.4.5 Federated clouds

2.5 Role of cloud brokers

2.5.1 Service Oriented Architecture

2.5.2 Brokerage of basic cloud services

2.6 Cloud Services Brokering Workflow

2.6.1 Service engineering phase

2.6.2 Service integration phase

2.6.3 Service evolution phase

2.7 CCS Services

2.7.1 Cloud aggregation

2.7.2 Cloud Arbitration

2.7.3 Intermediation of cloud services

2.8 Investment in cloud computing

2.9 Recent Development and Trend of CSB

2.9.1 Shaping the business model

2.9.2 SaaS Brokerage for Telcos

2.9.3 IaaS brokerage for enterprises

2.9.4 The unified cloud brokerage model

2.9.5 Potential SaaS and IaaS exchange

3.0 Technology and Application Analysis

3.1 Types of CSB deployment

3.1.1 Internal CSBs The business case for an internal CSB role The evolution of hybrid IT Multiple clouds, multiple challenges Spread of SaaS IT as a service

3.1.2 External CSBs Business case for the external role of the CSB Telecommunications service providers IT distributors and service providers Technology providers

3.2 CSB Business Models

3.2.1 Software as a service SaaS Showcase Microsoft Office Live Google Apps

3.2.2 Platform as a service

3.2.3 Infrastructure as a service IaaS demonstration case

3.3 Cloud deployment strategies

3.3.1 Public cloud

3.3.2 Private cloud

3.3.3 Hybrid cloud

3.3.4 Community Cloud

3.4 Enabling Technologies

3.4.1 Scaling infrastructure

3.4.2 Virtualization

3.4.3 Migrating virtual machines

3.4.4 Setting the equipment power state

3.5 CSB Service Elements

3.5.1 Cataloging / Ordering / Invoicing Service

3.5.2 Data Analytics / Data as a Service

3.5.3 Security / secure SaaS SaaS Security Request Drivers of growth Increase in cyberattacks Sophisticated threats Government security requirements Challenges Identity management Weak cloud security standards Secrecy Risks related to the ability to access the cloud anywhere Cloud Security Brokerage

3.5.4 Low cost computing Demand for Low Cost Computing Challenges for low-cost computing Low cost computing via cloud service brokerage Cloud management Managing Resource Conflicts Service management Mobility

4.0 Business Analysis

4.1 App Direct

4.2 Appirio

4.3 AWS (Amazon)

4.4 Blue Wolf

4.5 Capgemini SA

4.6 CloudPlus

4.7 Cloud Italy

4.8 Cloud Comparison

4.9 Dell Inc.

4.10 Gravitating

4.11 Green Cloud Technologies

4.12 Infosys

4.13 Issal


4.15 Jamcracker

4.16 Bonding technologies

4.17 Nephos Networks

4.18 Nephos Technologies

4.19 Nuvotera

4.20 SoftChoice Cloud

4.21 Version

4.22 Virtacore

4.23 Accenture APIs

4.24 Active Platform

4.25 BMC Software Inc.

4.26 BT Wholesale

4.27 Fujitsu

4.28 HPE

4.29 Microsoft

4.30 NEC Company


4.32 ALSO Holding AG

4.33 Electronic Arrow

4.34 Atos SE

4.35 BitTitan

4.36 Cloud Connect Sdn. Bhd.

4.37 Apptio Inc. (Cloudability)

4.38 CloudBroker GmbH

4.39 CloudFX

4.40 CloudSME

4.41 Aware

4.42 Double horn

4.43 DXC Technology

4.44 Esgro

4.45 Flexera

4.46 InContinuum Software

4.47 iPortalis

4.48 NTT Data

4.49 OpenText Corporation

4.50 Oracle Corporation

4.51 Pax8

4.52 Proximity

4.53 Shivaami

4.54 Tata Consulting Services

4.55 Tech Mahindra Limited

4.56 Wipro Limited

5.0 Market Analysis and Forecast 2022-2027

5.1 Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market 2022-2027

5.1.1 Global cloud services brokerage market

5.1.2 Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market by Service Type

5.1.3 Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market by Business Model Type

5.1.4 Global Cloud Services Brokerage by Platform Type

5.1.5 Global Cloud Service Brokerage Market by Deployment Type

5.1.6 Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market by Company Type

5.1.7 Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market by Vertical

5.1.8 Global Cloud Services Brokerage Market by Region

5.2 Regional Cloud Service Brokerage Market 2022-2027

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

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