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Garment Mantra initiates a business model encouraging women to make them “ATMANIRBHAR”

Garment Mantra Lifestyle Limited informed the exchanges of its initiative to incorporate a business model encouraging women to empower themselves “ATMANIRBHAR”.

The company firmly believes that women are the pillars of society and that when they are empowered, the economy grows stronger. We can cite several cases where women-led businesses are thriving and have achieved significant milestones. Ministry of Micro, Small and
Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) empower women entrepreneurs through their unparalleled initiatives to nurture talent among women and help them build their own identity, the company said in its filing.

GMLL is committed to helping women who aspire to start micro and small businesses by providing incentives to boost the commercial viability of the business as part of their business strategy. The company will provide support to these housewives to start their business without any capital commitment and set goals. GMLL will soon launch a very simplified functionality in its B2B web application “POORTI” and support and monitor this initiative. The company has already started setting up integrated facilities in Surat and Raipur to support women in these regions.

“The company always has the ideology of setting precedents and contributing to society by taking various initiatives and believing that every woman can be an entrepreneur and this is the main reason why the company makes business policies to supporting its initiatives through ‘Price Mantra’ where the company encourages women from all centers, regardless of demographic, to begin their entrepreneurial journey,” said Mr. Prem Aggarwal, President and CEO of Garment Mantra Lifestyle, at About the step taken.

The growth of women-owned businesses is spectacular even though they represent only a small part of all businesses at the moment.

Garment Mantra is a company that mainly focuses on fulfilling the fashion and lifestyle aspirations of the mass population of India. The promoters of the company are highly experienced professionals with over 3 decades of experience in their respective fields. The company operates 3 apparel divisions. The company’s product line includes more than 5000 products and mainly targets mass customers, with domestic customers accounting for 70% of the total customer base.
It is currently trading at Rs 179.50 against its previous closing price of Rs 186.55, down by Rs 7.08 or 3.78%.