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Full Time Assistant Business Manager – North Hills Regional Catholic Elementary Schools (NHRCES) | Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

North Hills Area Catholic Elementary Schools (NHRCES)

Assistant Regional Business Manager (ABM) Job Description

The North Hills Regional Catholic Elementary Schools (NHRCES) Assistant Business Manager is responsible for the financial and administrative activities of the following schools: Blessed Francis Seelos Academy, Blessed Trinity Academy, Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy, Holy Cross Academy and Saint James School ( Sewickley). The position reports to the Regional Business Manager to help manage the schools’ finances, facilities and human resource needs. The position is a 12 month full-time position based in Pittsburgh, PA.


The NHRCES ATM is a professional administrator in support of the regional sales manager (GAR). The NHRCES ATM assists in the management of all time related activities of NHRCES. The focus of this ministry is on specific tasks in the areas of finance, tuition management, plant management, human resources and any additional tasks required by and in support from GAR responsibilities to NHRCES.

The NHRCES ABM is fully Catholic initiated, practicing and attached to evangelical values. He or she values ​​organization and responsible stewardship of resources and assists NHRCES in fulfilling the mission and purpose of the Church.

Responsibilities and Tasks


The NHRCES ATM collaborates with the GAR and regional staff, under their supervision, and with other NHRCES staff, integrating their own area of ​​responsibility into the overall NHRCES effort. This responsibility includes NHRCES and school operations.



  1. Is responsible for entering all transactions into Quicken for all locations and submitting monthly to GAR .
  2. Assists with financial reporting, payroll, benefits, accounts payable and accounts receivable using accounting, payroll and other Diocesan systems.
  3. Is responsible for monitoring tuition fees and working with schools and the diocese on grants and aids.
  4. Apply Tuition, Credits, Financial Aid, and Scholarships to FACTS Tuition Agreements
  5. Maintain relationships with customers and assist them with their payments and questions.
  6. Manages the procurement function for all programs within NHRCES against budget.

Property Maintenance


  1. Collaborates with GAR to help to special projects and keep accurate accounts of expenses.
  2. walk with GAR maintain project financial reports and properly process paymentss.
  3. Assistance with reports and site visits

Human ressources

The NHRCES Commercial Manager:

  1. Works in collaboration with the GAR develop, implement and maintain personnel policies.
  2. Participate in HR functions including record keeping, payroll and orientations.
  3. Assistance with the payment of salaries and benefits.
  4. Maintain security environment database


The effective functioning of this position requires that NHRCES ATM have a good sense of stewardship and be well organized, diplomatic and attentive to detail. The NHRCES ATM must possess the ability to work collaboratively and maintain confidentiality where appropriate.

Skills and Abilities

Skills and abilities particularly important for the effective exercise of the role of NHRCES ATM:


The NHRCES Business Manager must be:

  1. Knowledge of personnel issues including policies, procedures, selection, insurance, benefits, etc.
  2. Knowledge of construction and maintenance according to Diocesan policies and procedures.
  3. Knowledge of safety and security issues.
  4. Know the principles of accounting according to diocesan policies and procedures.
  5. Knowledge of NHRCES and school accounting systems in accordance with Diocesan policies and procedures.
  6. Familiar with relevant and applicable civil law.
  7. Know the control procedures.

Education, Training and Readiness Criteria

Preparing for the NHRCES role ATM must include the development of the skills and abilities described above. The effective exercise of this role requires in particular:

  1. An orientation to the mission of the diocese and NHRCES.
  2. Commitment to continuous training and professional development.
  3. Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting or related field
  4. 1 to 2 years of experience in accounting or bookkeeping
  5. Experience with Quicken software, an asset
  6. Experience with Google suite of apps
  7. Experience with tuition management an asset

Safe environments for children

As with all positions that involve contact with children in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, this ministry falls under the Diocese’s Environmental Safety Policy which requires the following permissions:

  1. Pastoral Code of Conduct
  2. AP Child Abuse History Clearance
  3. PA State Police Criminal Record Check
  4. Protect God’s Children
  5. FBI Fingerprints
  6. Child Protective Services Law Training
  7. Compulsory reporter training