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Fortemedia unveils business model and benefits of iSAM

SINGAPORE, January 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fortemedia Singapore PTE. LTD., the global leader in voice integration solutions, today announces the latest generation of microphone solutions and voice algorithms. Fortemedia’s integrated solution can provide customers with optimized audio quality and voice noise suppression process – iSAM®, equipped with this iSAM® advantage of the business model, the integration of voice computing capabilities and high-performance audio microphones, like the human brain with ears, in the age of artificial intelligence. Fortemedia has highly integrated technical capabilities in software and hardware, covering broad applications in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, embedded systems, wearable electronics, Internet of Things products, etc. .s customer’s product to quickly integrate into the voice cloud with better voice quality. With 3CT technology, Fortemedia not only makes the microphone product easy to design, but also with its own matrix microphone voice algorithm, it can greatly increase the reliability and approach 0ppm fault rate in the system. In terms of performance, 3CT technology can further improve voice performance by an additional 6 dB of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In addition, Test Bench®Pre-test and Fortemedia’s Virtual Lab® allow customers to augment their acoustic labs in simulation. With these, the verification time can be greatly reduced, the time to market (Time-to-Market) is 5 times faster.

Fortemedia’s latest high-performance MEMS microphone solutions and voice technology have been adopted by the world’s leading laptop manufacturers, applying to the majority of laptops with ±1dB sensitivity, high SNR and high acoustic overload point (AOP) performance of 120 dB SPL. Accompanied by SAMSoft®, Fortemedia’s total solution not only provides MEMS microphone miniature for narrow bezel models, but also provides voice quality that can pass a variety of standards defined by the latest Microsoft RTC (Real-Time Communication) .

The advantages and advantages of iSAM ® technology are that with the adoption of SAMTester’s unique 3CT technology, microphone manufacturing becomes efficient and faster while maintaining quality consistency. End products can have superior voice quality and features to meet the requirements of small space, low latency and low power consumption.

In the MEMS microphone solution microphone product roadmap, Fortemedia is about to launch the smallest digital microphone solution size at 2.7×1.8×0.9mm3 this year (2022), with ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance, providing customers who demand small size, high performance such as smart phones and TWS, etc. iSAM® microphone solution integrating with voice processing ForteVoice® can clearly distinguish required signals from noises, realizing acoustic scene identification in different types of environments. advanced beamforming and acoustic awareness. In addition to the 2.7×1.8×0.9mm3 size digital microphone solution, Fortemedia is the first to launch a high-definition array microphone (HD microphone), which takes only one tenth (1/10) of the power consumption, but increases the SNR by 6 to 12 dB on the system, and can improve the far-field sensor (FFP) by more than 10 dB. With this HD array microphone, which is expected to be launched next year (2023), end users can enjoy a next-level voice experience.

In addition to auto-detection, 3CT technology can complement Fortemedia’s voice algorithm, providing phase-matched microphone arrays, which can improve end products with an additional 6 dB of SNR. In terms of improving system reliability, Fortemedia’s voice technology can also adjust the array microphone algorithm for the situation where a microphone is damaged or unable to receive sound due to blockage by unexpected external objects. such as dust or ash. ForteVoice can turn off the damaged or misused microphone and convert the voice input function to another normal microphone, so that the call can continue and maintain a certain voice quality, consistently contributing nearly 0ppm to the defect rate of products final.

3CT technology includes the following three main functions:

When manufacturing the microphone, it conducts a sound pressure calibration system as a reference and standard for those product microphone. With it, the microphone manufacturer can adjust each microphone’s sensitivity match within ±1dB, phase match within ±1dB after self-detection and fault identification. Accompanied by software from Fortemedia, system-level calibration through mutual testing and communication between microphones and speaker output components can be tailored to the final product.

Once the MEMS microphone is calibrated, the iSAM® software automatically compensates for slight offsets during assembly, making the microphone more reliable after assembly. Through Fortemedia’s software processing, additional compensation can be performed, allowing for system-level matching between array microphones on the final product.

Equipped with Fortemedia’s MEMS array microphone after calibration and compensation, Fortemedia’s voice algorithm can realize low latency, low power consumption and higher reliability in acoustics for the whole complex system integrated with arrays of microphones. Moreover, by interfacing and configuring each array microphone in terms of sensitivity, AOP and other features, high definition performance of SNR, AOP and bandwidth on the system can be achieved accordingly.

Fortemedia also understands that the long development cycle has always been one of the customer pain points. With this in mind, Fortemedia has launched Test Bench® and Virtual Lab®. With this system, accurate and efficient acoustic simulation can be performed in various product development periods (such as evaluation board, prototype, etc.). Industry standards such as 3QuestPOLQA can be simulated in Test Bench and Virtual Lab with Fortemedia’s voice algorithm and iSAM® microphone solution. With this, end products can be checked, optimized, confirmed to comply with various standards including AT&T, Sprint, CMCC, etc., voice quality requirements for mobile phones and automotive voice communication requirements such as ITU P.1100/P.1110/P.1120/P.1140CarPlay, Android Auto, etc.

In terms of laptops, Test Bench® and Virtual Lab® from Fortemedia give full play to the extreme. As the laptop market product cycle is fast with different kinds of product models and specifications/standards to meet, using Fortemedia’s Test Bench® can effectively pass Teams (Microsoft), Cortana (Microsoft), Alexa (Amazon) and Microsoft ecosystem specifications. The efficiency can be increased by five times, the labor utilization can be reduced by more than half, and the laboratory utilization efficiency can be increased by two times, which greatly shortens the verification time by compared to the traditional test which takes several months. Thanks to the three key stages (recording, simulation and verification) of the Fortemedia Test Bench®, the performance tuning time can be reduced to just a few days. Among them, a key step, Pre-test can help the notebook product to confirm the suitability of the frequency response and phase matching of the array microphone in the advanced mechanism before testing, so that the acoustic mechanism design of customer products can be completed in only once, and the overall development efficiency can be greatly improved.

Using the Test Bench® acoustic test simulation system service can greatly improve development efficiency, shorten verification time, save human and material costs, and ensure accuracy and consistency between the listed actual vehicle and the simulation results. It can effectively reduce development time for quick time to market and shorten development time (Time-to-Market, TTM) by more than five times

jimmy hsuFortemedia’s Global Product Marketing Director, added, “Fortemedia is committed to integrating algorithms, array microphones and an acoustic test simulation platform into noise cancellation and far-field pickup technologies, providing state-of-the-art solutions and high-quality voice communication. As a pioneer of small array microphones and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of acoustic processing technologies, Fortemedia launches iSAM® which integrates microphone design and voice processing, mimics human brain and ears .With the advent of artificial intelligence, it provides customers with a total voice solution without corresponding problems due to microphone location, performance differences, cavity acoustics and other factors that may cause affect the voice quality of end products. Our voice input interface solution allows products to connect to the cloud via a loud and clear voice.

About Fortemedia Singapore PTE. LTD.

As a technology leader in voice processing, Fortemedia has been leading the development of voice products and technologies for more than 20 years. Its superior voice processing is well recognized by the world’s top five mobile phone manufacturers and leading laptop manufacturers, earning trusts with evidence of consistency and quantity in shipment. The rise of voice cloud is increasing the requirements for voice recognition capability, further validating speech to become an important human-machine interface and extending the application of mobile phones to other products such as smart speakers, laptops, televisions and vehicles. On the other hand, this trend is also driving the market demand for MEMS microphones. Further expanding the business scope, Fortemedia has developed solutions for MEMS microphone sensors combined with analog and digital interface chips respectively in recent years for its microphone manufacturers and end customers in various fields such as mobile phones , laptops and TWS headphones, etc.

Fortemedia’s MEMS microphone solution features high SNR, which can greatly improve sound quality and voice recognition rate in noisy environment. Its microphone pickup and chip design ensure voice input quality (±1dB sensitivity and phase matching). Equipped with artificial intelligence deep learning technology in noise canceling technology, Fortemedia’s array microphone can achieve extremely excellent performance. Its chip, manufactured by the world’s leading wafer manufacturer with high quality and efficiency, has been well recognized and trusted by mainstream manufacturers for more than ten years. Fortemedia has shipped over one billion MEMS sensors and microphone chips. Besides providing highly competitive products, Fortemedia has been affirmed by leading customers in terms of reliability, durability and supply ability.

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