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Former Trustworthy Owner Pam Langlitz Announces New Venture | Advertisement

LACONIA – Pamela Langlitz, CESMT, CCSMT, known to many for running Trustworthy Hardware alongside her father for over 30 years (sold 2020), has announced the official launch of her new business, Equimotion: Equine and Canine Massage Therapy.

Pam’s father, who died in 2015, started Trustworthy, literally building his house on Union Ave. before starting the company and running it for over 40 years as a trusted local source for home maintenance needs. After her father had a heart attack, Pam quit her job at the bank to temporarily help him at the store. But, over 30 years later, she was still there, running what was an extremely busy and successful store.

When the stress of running Trustworthy took its toll on Pam, it was her husband who convinced her it was time for a change. Pam shared, “I would still be the hamster in the company’s hamster wheel if it weren’t for my husband, Mark.” So they sold Trustworthy and started thinking about what its next chapter might be.

Pam, who loved, owned, rode and showed horses since she was a child, and previously owned and even ran her own 20-stall hunter/jumper facility, turned to equine massage therapy. Pam says, “It was a natural progression. I know how to run a business and I love horses. So it made sense to integrate the two into something that brings as much pleasure to me as it does to my clients. »

Pam received her certification in Equine Massage Therapy through Midwest Natural Healing for Animals. She is also certified in essential oils, canine massage therapy and is a Reiki master. All of its certifications are animal-based. Certification is not a requirement at NH, but Pam thought it was important.

Canine and equine lovers and owners can call on Equimotion for the rehabilitation care, massages and maintenance of the well-being of their horse or dog, whether it is a performance animal or simply a well-being pet. -like. Pam will travel to the animal’s home to offer equine and canine sports massage, red light therapy, reiki and BEMER PEMF therapy. Benefits include increased blood flow to muscles, greater range of motion, better healing, improved joint mobility, release of natural pain-relieving endorphins, improved circulation, and more.

Pam reflects, “Animals have brought me so much joy my whole life, so giving back to these four-legged friends through Equimotion is very rewarding. The horse and the dog are not the only ones to feel good after the therapy is over.

For more information about Equimotion, call 603-630-3212 or find them on Facebook.