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Former Harmonize Director Mr Puaz Unveils New Business Venture, Talks About Artist Management [Exclusive]

Joel aka M. Puaz was introduced to the world in 2018 as the person responsible for managing and propelling singer Harmonize to greater heights during a time when he was still at WCB Wasafi.

However, in January 2019, he resigned his leadership role at WCB Wasafi; amicably parting ways with the record company over a work-related misunderstanding that made his working relationship with Konde Boy difficult.

Since then, many have wondered what Mr. Puaz did and this writer reached out to him for a chat and to understand where he stands now with regards to talent management.

During our conversation, Puaz said that after parting ways with Harmonize, he embarked on building his own business empire, which kept him busy on a daily basis.

Currently, the Ex-Talent manager manages the Puaz store; a boutique that deals with Fashion issues: clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories.

He says, Puaz store aims to change the whole image of clothing and footwear for women and men by giving them a wide range of clothing ideas, but also bringing them closer to their favorite brands, and further contributing to the growth of the fashion industry in Tanzania.

What’s the best thing about the business that you do now, isn’t it?

“The best thing about Puaz Shop is that it gives me more exposure to other stakeholders in the business and learns a lot about new products because I’ve always wanted to have my own brand that could be on clothes. , shoes, watches and all ” he said.

However, despite a deep dive into business, Puaz says he’s still interested in talent management, but at the moment he only works as a music business consultant.

“At the moment, I’m not running solo artists, but working as a music business consultant for some of the artists” Mr. Puaz noted.

What’s the hardest part about managing artists? I asked him the Question.

“The biggest challenge in managing artists is that (most artists are not businessmen but still want to take on CEO roles in their business) instead of seeking advice and continuing to train in commercial level or to leave it to the professionals ” he explained.

Outside of talent management, Joel has a passion for writing and has appeared in some of the major media publications like Thrive Global where he writes about career management and the music business.

Prior to joining WCB, Mr. Puaz ran Shetta.

Given an opportunity between artist management and business management, what will you choose your first choice on?

“To be honest I’m a businessman … anything that comes with money on the table and I know it’s fine with me, I do … so be it the act of being an artist manager or having other companies, that doesn’t bother me. I focus on the value of what I give and what I receive ” he explained.

What inspired your new business?

He has answered; “Well I’ve seen big brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Zara and many more and I’ve always wanted my brand to reach millions of people .. that’s why I started with Puaz Shop online which is an e-commerce where all my brands will be present ”.

Mr. Puaz also noted that his girlfriend was instrumental in the success of his new business.

When asked if his empire was in any way tied to his girlfriend’s affairs, he replied; “Yes! My business is related to one of the most amazing women I have met … and she is also one of the people who pushed towards this business as she has some experience in the business of products such as clothing and footwear ”.

Joel Vincent is in a romantic relationship with a lady called Jesca Wilfredy, who is also the founder of ‘Black Chagga Fashion’.