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Farrell School Business Manager Retires | News


FARRELL — The Farrell-area school district could see a new business manager by this summer.

At their last meeting, the school board voted, some with regret, to accept the retirement of the school’s business manager, Shane Wiesen, effective June 30.

Superintendent Dr. Lora Adams-King credited Wiesen with managing the district’s finances over the years. Wiesen thanked Adams-King for his compliments, but added that it was a team effort with district personnel.

Wiesen, an alumnus of Farrell High School, worked in the Sharon City School District for several years before returning to his alma mater in April 2015, Adams-King said.

Adams-King described Wiesen’s seven years with the school district as a “stellar career,” and said Wiesen demonstrated not only skill, dedication and commitment, but also “impeccable integrity.” .

Wiesen would be a “tough act” to follow, due to his ability to account for various district funds, and Adams-King added that being a school business executive was not easy.

“You have to know what you’re doing, but you also have to be trustworthy,” Adams-King said.

After approving Wiesen’s retirement, the board voted to advertise the position of business manager. Adams-King said the board’s finance committee would be tasked with finding a replacement.

Adams-King told board member and finance committee chair Sharon James that a candidate should be hired by April. That would give the replacement the rest of April, May and June to work with Wiesen.

“I would like to give this new person a few months to work with him,” Adams-King said of Wiesen. “Especially so that Wiesen can guide them through the budget preparation process.”

In other cases, the school board received an unqualified audit from Hill, Barth and King, as the audit found no issues. The audit was then approved by the school board.

Board Chairman Terry Harrison thanked Wiesen, as well as Adams-King and staff for their work. He also said the audit helped show the public that their money was “well spent” in the district.

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