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Family-Owned Plymouth Furniture Uses Unique Business Model to Keep Prices Low and Quality High | Preferred business program

PLYMOUTH – While many businesses have to choose between being a discount store or a high-end outlet, Plymouth Furniture offers the best of both worlds by offering low prices and a wide selection of high-quality products. This is due to their unique business model which minimizes cost and maximizes value.

The family business, which now spans three generations, has streamlined its operations on several levels so that it can pass the savings on to its customers. This includes using solar panels to reduce energy costs, stocking as many American-made products as possible to save on shipping costs, and having a versatile staff who can take on multiple roles. in the store.

“All these little things make us more nimble, so we’re able to keep the prices down. That’s why there aren’t a lot of trucks coming in that I’m not helping unload. That’s probably what which I prefer to do here. It gives me a break from office work,” said owner Mike Shields, whose parents, Jim and Mary, started the business in 1977.

At the time it was called Sit N Sleep Furniture and was located upstairs from the family’s main business, Plymouth Hardware, in downtown Plymouth. In 2000 the hardware and furniture stores moved to Fairfield Plaza, east of Plymouth.

When Jim and Mary purchased Fairfield Plaza, Sit N Sleep was renamed Plymouth Furniture and the new store took up 15,000 square feet of the mall’s 100,000 square feet.

Mike, who had helped the family business since his teenage years, returned and took on a bigger role in 2010, and now runs the current 50,000 square foot store at 2133 Eastern Ave. in Plymouth with managing director Doug VanHelden, who started working for Jim at Plymouth Hardware when he was 16.

Family and loyalty are an integral part of Plymouth Furniture and essential to the store’s success. Not only have Mike’s three children been involved in the business in some capacity, but his wife, Amy, is the office manager and works alongside Mike on a daily basis. Many employees have recruited their own family members to work for the company over the years, according to Mike. “I think it’s a real compliment to us that they like it so much that they want their family to work here too.”

Just as employees love coming to work at Plymouth Furniture, customers return for one of the most unique shopping experiences you’ll find at furniture retailers. The company not only has a large showroom, but also a large customs clearance center next door.

Although both stores are owned by Plymouth Furniture, the two entities operate separately. However, they both share the same philosophy of creating the best customer experience possible. This includes deliveries Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The store will even be able to take away your old furniture, a rare service for a furniture retailer.

The company’s approach to providing superior customer service continues to evolve. One employee, Maritza Malpica, works with Spanish-speaking customers to ensure they have the same shopping experience as English-speaking customers.

Plymouth Furniture also has an interior design team that visits people’s homes and helps them decide which pieces of furniture will best suit their decor. The first hour of service is free. It’s just another way of putting the customer first.

“It’s a little bit different customer service than we’ve ever had before. We really try to focus on better customer service for everyone, to meet all of their needs, whatever they may be,” said Mike.

Customers continue to respond, traveling an hour or two to shop at Plymouth Furniture. This is largely due to word of mouth, according to Mike. “Once the word got out, it’s amazing how willing people are to travel. People come from Beaver Dam, Madison, Milwaukee, everywhere.

Mike estimates that 70% of the store’s customers come from outside the Plymouth area, a rarity for a store in a small rural town. Ultimately, it’s a testament to Plymouth Furniture’s unique business model and philosophy.

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