Business manager

Faculty Business Manager job at KINGS COLLEGE LONDON

job description

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is looking for someone with significant experience in the higher education sector in a business support role (or similar) to lead the business support team.

The role of Director of Faculty Affairs works directly in support of the Executive Dean and Director of Operations to help the faculty achieve its strategic and operational goals. They will do this mainly by:

– Use their strong data skills to support planning and development within the Faculty, providing Faculty leadership with research, analysis, insights and advice.

– Use their strong process management skills to design and implement robust and efficient processes to achieve business objectives in accordance with business requirements. They will do this by considering the internal and external interfaces of the faculty, by partnering with wider university services, by adopting a mindset of continuous improvement to improve and refine themselves as they go. , and encouraging and enabling this mindset within their team.

– Deploy their strong leadership and people management skills to achieve the above goals and lead the faculty business support teams in embracing the above culture.

The incumbent will oversee all areas of the business function including finance, procurement, audit, human resources, space, health and safety, business continuity, information and data management . They will be responsible for ensuring effective and responsible management of resources (including finances, staff, student numbers) and will be responsible for ensuring the Faculty’s compliance with internal and external regulations and laws throughout their mandate. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate extensive experience in carrying out responsibilities such as those above, ideally in a higher education setting.

The Faculty actively supports the development of a respectful, positive and supportive culture that supports excellence and promotes growth, both for individuals and for all of the Faculty’s professional services. We are committed to supporting our staff in a variety of ways, from reviewing flexible working and job-sharing arrangements to facilitating and encouraging ongoing professional development activities.

The Faculty is also committed to increasing the representation of historically underrepresented groups. We welcome and encourage applications from group members with protected features who have been marginalized on the grounds listed in the Equality Act.

This position will be offered on a full-time, indefinite-term contract.

Main responsibilities


  • Lead and set direction for Professional Services team members responsible for business support, including line management of relevant staff
  • Oversee all internal procedures and processes related to the line management of relevant members of the Faculty Professional Services team, making revisions and updates as necessary in response to changes in the internal or external environment
  • Oversee the faculty-wide business support function, working to integrate it into silos and align activity with the business support function in other faculties and the wider business support network
  • Support the establishment of clear and effective governance arrangements – from instituting new processes and procedures to organizing committee management as needed
  • Continuously improve processes and procedures and promote a culture of continuous improvement to improve service delivery, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Take responsibility for contributing to the operationalization of institution-wide initiatives, from systems and processes to policies, and for ensuring the effective dissemination and communication of these initiatives
  • Establish collaborative and constructive relationships and networks with key partners in the organization, in pursuit of the Faculty’s objectives and contribute to institutional decision-making
  • Lead information management, managing efforts to ensure data integrity, GDPR compliance and freedom of information (FOI) and subject access requests (SAR).
  • Coordinate the Faculty’s business continuity planning, maintain the business continuity plan and organize regular drills

Finances and resources

  • Manage Faculty resources in accordance with King’s financial policies and long-term goals, and advise the Executive Dean and Director of Operations accordingly
  • Manage budget allocation and subsequent monitoring and reporting of school/faculty financial resources
  • Work closely with the Senior Finance Business Partner to produce regular and appropriate reports and analysis
  • Provide support in the identification and development of new potential revenue streams and growth areas for the Faculty (including statistical analysis)


  • Monitor the strategic performance of the Faculty against planning objectives and key performance indicators, produce reports as necessary and advise the Executive Dean and the Director of Operations of the Faculty on any matter that may affect the achievement of these objectives
  • Support the production of the School/Faculty’s strategic business plan, including planning for student numbers, institutional staffing plans, additional teaching and costs non-wage
  • Enable and develop data and analytics to enable strategic planning for the Executive Dean, Director of Operations, Cluster Leads and Vice Deans

Human ressources

  • Manage and direct the HR administration of the Faculty ensuring the correct application of procedures, for example in relation to recruitment, probation, promotion, evaluation and recognition remuneration in coordination with the HR partner
  • Establish and develop local HR processes and procedures, as appropriate, for the Faculty in coordination with the HR partner and other faculty business leaders
  • Ensure compliance with HR processes, procedures and regulations across the faculty


  • Oversee the funding of local space projects and coordinate with other professional services and university officials to mobilize King’s funds for strategic projects
  • As appropriate, oversee the management and planning of the Faculty’s space and property portfolio, provide analysis and reporting to inform decision-making and ensure space is used efficiently and in accordance with policy by King
  • As appropriate, manage and report on local space and infrastructure matters, including space allocation, resource requirements, minor works on estates, obtaining estimates and advice on long-term space requirements
  • Where applicable, ensure facilities and resources are in place to meet the needs of staff and students

Health and security

  • Oversee health and safety within the Faculty and ensure compliance with institutional policies and priorities
  • Ensure that appropriate processes, monitoring and communications are in place across the Faculty, liaising with Health and Safety departments
  • Cooperate in any audit or review, both internal and external, and lead the implementation of any recommendations across the Faculty
  • Act as evacuation marshal
  • Act as a faculty security officer


  • Lead sustainability activities across the Faculty, encouraging and enabling a network of sustainability champions
  • Undertake any other duties reasonably required

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake the duties and responsibilities reasonably expected within the scope and classification of the post.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Essential criteria

1. Experience working as a manager in a higher education or similar environment

2. Very good in numeracy and literate with great attention to detail; enjoys working with data and finding ways to effectively present this information to a wide audience, supported by strong computer skills

3. Strong ability to learn quickly and understand complex information

4. Significant experience in managing budgets and tracking and taking action on financial performance

5. Strong leadership skills; experience leading and managing change and developing high performing teams

6. Significant experience leading the development and application of policies and processes

7. Significant experience in providing effective and efficient service to stakeholders

8. Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to interact with a wide variety of people in a professional and assertive manner; excellent written and oral communication skills, with a high level of English

9. Strong ability to work independently and across multiple teams and networks

10. Highly proactive, methodical and flexible approach with great attention to detail

11. Strong ability to work independently and proactively, within managerial direction and to respond positively to constructive feedback

12. Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Desirable criteria

1. Qualifications related to business management

Interviews for the position are due the week of July 25, 2022.