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Dolly Parton Fans Are Upset About Her Latest Business Venture, Here’s Why

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the latest craze on the internet, with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon buying and selling them. Public opinion towards NFTs remains rather negative, as evidenced by the reactions to the news of this icon of the country. Dolly Parton gets in on the NFT action.

Fans Not Happy With Parton’s New NFT Venture

“You can relive my @sxsw concert with a new Dollyverse #NFT by @wearebcl!” Parton tweeted. “Visit to purchase my ‘Run, Rose, Run’ commemorative poster or album and get a free pass to review my performance on demand for the next 30 days!”

Fans of the music legend weren’t thrilled to hear that Parton was now producing NFTs, and they made it known in the comments section. “Please reconsider, these are horrible for the environment and add nothing of value to the lives of artists!” one person tweeted.

Another wrote: “Dolly please no. NFTs directly harm the artists and the environment you care about. Others kept it simpler, responding to Parton’s tweet with things like “NOOOO WHY” and “NO DOLLY!”

Why are NFTs bad?

So why do people hate NFTs so much? Many in Parton’s comments section mentioned the environmental impact of NFTs. It takes a huge amount of energy to create and store these cryptocurrencies, and most people see it as a waste. Why use all that energy on things that don’t even exist physically?

Others have also warned Parton of the dangers NFTs pose to artists, especially smaller creators. Even though NFTs have been marketed as a way for artists to earn royalties on these digital forms of their work, it’s not that simple. Royalties are tied to the platform through which the art is sold. If someone buys an NFT and then sells it on another platform, the artist does not receive any royalties.

Along with genuine concerns like this, many see NFTs as completely useless. Just because someone owns an NFT doesn’t mean no one else can see it, or even own a version of it themselves. Many netizens have teased NFT owners by simply capturing NFTs and saving them to their phones, proving that the owners don’t “own” anything at all.

Overall, NFTs seem like a weird thing to Parton; as others have pointed out, Parton has previously devoted herself to environmental causes and uplifting struggling little artists. By selling NFTs, many see it as a direct contradiction to the values ​​she has promoted over the years.

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