Business venture

Dart Side owners hit the bullseye with latest business venture

EXCITEMENT grows after news of the opening of an entertainment venue in a neglected urban building.

It has been revealed that the old vegetable market in Angel Place is being transformed into the Dart Side – a venue for darts, shuffleboard and drinking.

Residents have expressed their joy at seeing new life breathed into the former Angel Chef restaurant, with one saying “it could change the way people socialize forever”.

Business owners Mike Davis, owner of Arch Rivals and Dan Charlton, owner of Ax Junkies, joined forces to create the new company.

Dan Charlton, owner of Ax Junkies and Mike Davis, owner of Arch Rivals

There was plenty of support for the company with one person writing, “Fingers crossed for you guys.

“Hope and pray to God it works out and goes well for you both.

Worcester News: Dart side set to open soon The Dart side should open soon

Another said the couple would lend their expertise to the new entertainment venue.

“It’s brilliant.

“Two great guys with a wealth of knowledge in the beer and entertainment industries. Keep up the amazing work.

“It’s a place that I can certainly see myself and my friends visiting frequently. Good luck.”

Another predicted it would be popular: “Amazing idea. Can’t wait for it to open. Well done to them both, I’m sure it’s going to be a storm.”

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Another even went so far as to call it ‘groundbreaking’: ‘A place with darts, pool tables and drinks! – it could change the way people socialize forever!’

Many reviewers said they were delighted the owners had years of expertise and business acumen behind them to make it a success.

One Facebook user said: “It’s great to see the building being taken over by people who you know will work hard to make it a success.”

Another social media user said it could be a great place to spend some family time.

The comment read, “Looks like the perfect entertainment spot for my husband and son.
“I wish them good luck and success.”

The Worcestershire Foodies guide was excited about the opening of a new independent restaurant in Worcester.

The message read: “Mike is an absolute legend, a great owner and a real caretaker for good beers.

“We’ve talked about having a flight club in Worcester but having an independent is going to be so much better!!