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Bridgestone Tyres’ business model aims to deliver customer-centric solutions

Bridgestone, a leading tire manufacturer, is rapidly evolving to become a mobility solutions provider instead of just a tire manufacturer, says Rajarshi Moitra, commercial director of Bridgestone India.

He clarified that with changing consumer behavior, business models are also changing rapidly, making it imperative for organizations to be adaptive and agile. “Over the past two years, the working model has completely transformed,” he said during a 2022-2023 Global Aftermarket Trends roundtable organized by S&P Global Mobility in association with Professional coach.

Moitra noted that as part of changing mobility trends, many major automakers are synchronizing their business strategies towards shared mobility and subscription segments. In the same vein, even ancillary suppliers such as tire manufacturers, in an effort to improve the consumer experience, are increasingly moving into door-to-door tire delivery and roadside assistance. “There will be a sea change in consumer trends in the future,” he continued, emphasizing that convenience and solution delivery will be key drivers for the future.

Moreover, speaking of the opportunities for collaboration between automakers, Moitra emphasized that it is necessary in the growing momentum of the current continuous operating environment. “There is a growing need to build a diverse team to take advantage of the open innovation ecosystem,” Moitra explains, noting that there is a need for solution-focused companies, unlike the previous approach of to be content with being a product-oriented company.

Bridgestone in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, India and Africa (Bridgestone EMIA) is the regional strategic business unit of Bridgestone Corporation, a world leader in tires and rubber construction. Based in Zaventem (Belgium), Bridgestone EMIA employs more than 20,000 people and operates in 40 countries in the region.

The company launched Bengaluru’s first educational tire store in April which allows customers to choose from a wide range of Bridgestone tire products, according to their needs through digital features in the store. The store also offers live demos for customers to understand how each of the tire services can benefit them. The Select Plus concept store aims to provide customers with a better understanding of tire selection and maintenance.

Bridgestone India plans to open more stores in several cities across the country. Deepak Gulati, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Bridgestone India, at the store grand opening said, “We want to enable our dealers to have more walk-in visits through this differentiated in-store experience. .

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