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Brett Favre loses another business venture amid welfare fraud scandal

Brett Favre is in a lot of trouble right now as leaked text messages implicate him in a scandal involving welfare fraud in the state of Mississippi. According to the story, Favre wanted a volleyball facility for the University of Southern Mississippi, where his daughter plays.

In order to obtain the necessary funds for this facility, Favre allegedly colluded with Governor Phil Bryant, who allegedly embezzled $5 million in federal welfare funds for the construction of this volleyball facility. Mississippi is one of the poorest states in America, and locals are understandably outraged that a millionaire is robbing the poor in such a brazen way.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

As a result of this controversy, Favre lost many of its sponsors, and even business ventures. For example, ESPN Milwaukee canceled its Packers recap show. On top of all of this, Favre’s show with Sirius XM Radio has also been shelved while a full investigation takes place. Favre has been doing this show since 2018, but now he will have to take time off for the foreseeable future.

This story has been very discouraging because it just shows the intense greed with which some people operate. Stealing from the poor is unconscionable, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

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