Business venture

Boxing: Henry Cejudo and Mike Tyson are working on a new venture

Henry Cejudo has announced his retirement from professional fighting following his loss to Dominique Cruz in May 2020 at UFC 249 and in response the UFC officially vacated the bantamweight title and removed Cejudo from the official rankings, but now the 35-year-old from Los Angeles might be ready to make a comeback and he’s been working with mike tyson.

Not only is Cejudo work with Tyson to stay in shape, but he is also planning a business venture with the boxing icon.

“Me and Tysonwe’re going to start an instructional DVD with dynamic typing and it’s actually mike tyson taught me a lot of his combinations”, Cejudo said during an appearance on The Triple C & Schmo Show.

“He’s a legendary man. It’s a legendary moment because mike tyson has never made instructional videos. It will be the first time in mike tysonof his career that he offers a boxing instructional DVD based on his boxing style.”

Dana White throws cold water on Henry Cejudo’s comeback plans

As he plans a return to the octagon, Cejudo talked about littering on social media and trying to start something with it Conor McGregor. But, the president of the UFC Dana White is not impressed.

Cejudois retired, you know?” White told TMZ when asked about the American.

Cejudo knows what he has to do to come back and get anything. I mean, just talking bullshit on Instagram doesn’t get you into a fight.”

Maybe work with mike tyson will lead to new opportunities for Cejudoalthough it may be in the business world and not in the MMA world.

Now 35 and out of competition for two years, it would come as a shock to Cejudo to seamlessly return to a high-stakes UFC fight.