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Blake Lively’s decision not to drink has led to a new business venture. | Entertainment

Blake Lively finds sobriety can be “alienating”.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress likes to be ‘social’ but admitted she’s often found herself on the outskirts at social gatherings, so she was inspired to start her new business, Betty Buzz, a range of five flavored drinks, which can be mixed with spirits or enjoyed on their own.

She told People magazine, “I don’t drink because I don’t like the effects of alcohol, but I like being part of it.

“I like to be social. I like people getting together. I found that sometimes not drinking, what was interesting was that it was a bit alienating, because you don’t feel – and maybe it’s just in your own head – but you don’t really feel part of it.”

Despite being sober, the ‘A Simple Favour’ star said she knew what she was doing because of her love of ‘flavor’, which led to the creation of the tonic water, sparkling grapefruit, Meyer Lemon Club soda, sparkling lime and ginger. Beer.

She continued: When we first started talking about this business, one of the conversations that took place was like, ‘Are we going to push a rock up a hill because you don’t drink and mixers are made to mix with alcohol? I mean, that’s their name. So are you going to have any credibility in this space as a non-drinker? And I was like, ‘Yeah, because I feel like someone who really likes flavor, that’s it for me.’

The ‘Gossip Girl’ star isn’t the first in her family to dive into the drinks business as husband Ryan Reynolds – with whom she has daughters James, six, Inez, five and Betty, two – founded and owns Aviation Gin, but she is the go-to bartender at their meetings.

However, Blake found she needed to lift “a lot more weight” when creating something exciting for herself.

And so while she’s totally tee, the actress likes to add a few “drops” of alcohol to her drinks.

She explained: “I give it a flavor, but it’s not going to give it any kind of experience – well, it’s going to give it a flavor experience – but not [much] alcohol.”