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Bastion Shine redefines its business model

Provided: Bastion Shine Group

Bastion Shine in New Zealand has revamped its business model with the launch of four business units specializing in a range of communication disciplines with new senior recruits.

Nine months after its majority acquisition by Bastion, Australasia’s largest independent agency group, Bastion Shine has invested significantly to continue to develop its new agency and advisory model.

Specialized business units: Bastion Creative; Digital Bastion; Stronghold Amplify; Bastion transformation.

The consultants will operate under Bastion Shine CEO Simon Curran, each with their own specialist teams as part of the current offering of 70 people in New Zealand and more than 300 Bastion employees worldwide.

Bastion Creative will be led by Managing Director Toby Sellers, who joined the group after more than a decade at FCB.

Sellers: “Bastion Shine is an agency that I have long admired, particularly for their ability to build strong, long-term business partnerships with New Zealand’s top brands. We were determined to take a unique approach, leading to our success in a short period of time, as well as an enviable list of clients.

“Partnering with Bastion has allowed the agency to expand its existing offering and really start to evolve. And that’s exciting.”

Bastion Digital will be led by Chief Executive Andy Schick, former Chief Digital Officer of Bastion Shine.

Bastion Digital will continue to work on data, technology, media and automation, leveraging partnerships with Tealium, Braze and Salesforce. The team is expanding its web performance capability, with its new partnership with SEM Rush and flagship customers Spark Sport and OnceIT.

Bastion Amplify is a new offering for Bastion Shine, an integrated communications agency specializing in public relations, media relations, influencer marketing, content and social media with over 70 employees in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles and now Auckland. It will be led by new hire Joanna James, a senior consultant with 20 years of agency and internal communications experience.

James: “I am convinced that an integrated approach for brands in a world where disciplines are increasingly converging is the right model to produce the most effective work for clients. This new role model for Bastion Shine, combined with his signature intelligence and creativity, is what drew me to the role.”

Bastion Transform will be led by Chief Executive Andy McLeish, who is also Chief Strategy Officer at Bastion Shine. Transform’s senior expertise will offer powerful strategic advice across a range of disciplines, from business strategy, business plan and roadmap, to innovation consulting, to high-end executive coaching.

Bastion Shine’s leadership team also includes chief creative officer Rich Maddocks, chief executive Annabelle Pitkin, chief financial officer Melissa Hill and CEO Simon Curran.

Curran: “Our ambition is to build a new model in New Zealand. One where clients have access to a wide range of advisory and communications services, each provided with deep expertise and a truly integrated client experience.

“This is just the beginning. We believe we can change the shape of our industry in New Zealand, creating a place where our customers can access broad thinking combined with deep expertise.

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