Business venture

Ashton Kutcher reveals his next promising business venture

Although Ashton Kutcher plunges into romantic comedies, the This 70s show The star has made it clear in recent years that he is interested in being more than just an actor. Kutcher has worked to position himself as an entrepreneur and investor, and his latest business venture should appeal to vegans. Through his venture capital fund Sound Ventures, Kutcher and talent manager Guy Oseary are investing in MeaTech advance their meat production technologies.

MeaTech 3D prints cell-based meat, creating structured ground meat of beef, pork, chicken and animals. This new process was developed in order to avoid animal welfare, human health and ongoing climate crisis issues caused by the more traditional meat industry. MeaTech ethically extracts umbilical cord samples from an animal and uses the cells as the building blocks of bioreactors to create organic material grown in the lab.

“We are excited about MeaTech’s innovative technologies, which we believe position MeaTech as the leader in industrial-scale cultured meat production, a key to more sustainable and cleaner meat production,” said Kutcher. in a press release, Veg News reports. “We intend to work closely with MeaTech management to help MeaTech execute its strategy and achieve its goals and global success by leveraging our marketing, strategic expertise and network. The engagement with MeaTech is in line with our group’s mission to provide sustainable solutions through business building, investing and accelerating businesses and technologies in various areas of sustainability. “

Kutcher has built a hugely lucrative second career as an entrepreneur and investor, and has spoken in the past about pursuing businesses that interest him. “Invest in the things you know. If you drink beer all the time – if you go to microbreweries and try all kinds of them – you probably know which are the best.” Kutcher said in an interview with Chelsea Handler.