Business model

A green business model makes it possible to stand out in the market

“The short supply chain, tradition and high service content are just a few characteristic aspects that have contributed to the growth of our brand. In fact, the year 2022 can be defined as that of a year in which we have stimulated the development of a business model that aims for a true green revolution.Among the priorities are respect for the environment and the health of the consumer, from packaging made with eco-sustainable materials, to the use of renewable energies, with reduced waste in the working environment and with raw materials grown in a very short supply chain,” said Paolo Licata, co-owner with his wife Flavia Fadda of the Sicilian company Campo d ‘Oro.

For more than 30 years, Campo d’Oro SRl – a Sicilian company based in Sciacca (AG) and now in its second generation of entrepreneurs – has specialized mainly in the production and processing of agricultural products. Much attention is paid to the changing eating habits of consumers who, on the wave of globalization, have crossed this market segment in terms of tastes and eating habits, alongside a return to local traditions.

The varied and versatile range of references includes the product lines: Campo d’Oro, Campo d’Oro Bio, Villa Reale, Villa Reale Supreme and with the production of preserves Pesti, Sughi Pronti, Paté, Creme Dolci and Marmalades.

Products processed in a short circuit – with specialties of the Mediterranean tradition side by side with innovative reinterpretations with the addition of DOP and IGP raw materials from the Sicilian territory – distributed in Italy and abroad in more than 32 countries and sold in specialty gourmet stores, delicatessens and duty free shops from all over the world. This is thanks to a network of importers, distributors and wholesalers who widely promote the Italian culture of good food. The ingredients are all natural, some of which have been selected by the Sicilian sentinels of Slow Food, such as Giarratana onion, Nubian garlic and Noto almonds.

The new Campo d’Oro line includes three ready-to-use legume and cereal soups flavored with fennel; three sauces and two pestos with flavors of basil, arrabbiata and puttanesca; vegan green pesto (basil, almond and extra virgin olive oil); and vegan red pesto with basil and tomato which are almost all sourced from the family farm and grown organically.

“The need to treat yourself with healthy products and at the same time to do good for the planet has now entered the consciousness of consumers. We are therefore fully committed in this direction. Responding to this trend is critical as consumers become more informed and aware of what they are bringing to their table. With this in mind, we offer sustainable products with high added value but low environmental impact,” says Paolo Licata.

Among the drivers of this growth, there is therefore undoubtedly the emphasis on the quality of raw materials, as well as the supply of healthy products grown in a sustainable way.

“These are aspects in which we have invested a lot in the last three years by operating our own 120-hectare farm located between Sciacca and Castelvetrano (AG), where we grow vegetables, but we also have vineyards and olive groves. By combining farming and processing, we are able to close the supply chain and obtain high quality raw materials from field crops. Of course, the production volumes over the years have multiplied; therefore, we also involve the farmers of Sicily in the fresh produce sector,” explained Paulo Licata.

With 74% of its sales made abroad, the Campo d’Oro brand is present in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and China.

“The best market is the United States where we have an established presence, in part through the expansion of our historic headquarters in Chicago. Here, our employees track orders and deliveries to our customers with references, recipes and formats designed specifically for the different commercial channels.We have noticed that the American market appreciates quality and is sensitive to sustainable production with a strong demand for organic products because they are healthy for people and the environment. , include the ready-to-use sauces line, in particular the norma sauce enriched with ricotta from Sicily.”